Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec. 3, 2014: ORANGE COUNTY, CA: Bienvenido a casa Hermanita Koch!!!

Bienvenido a Casa Hermanita Koch!!!

And just like that, after 18 months, BAM, she's back!!!

Hermana Koch sighting in the Houston airport where an new convert saw her.
Someone sent this and I got a text from Sis Mortensen who said Hermana Koch wanted to make sure we knew what time she was coming in. What? Like we haven't been waiting for this moment for 18 months? haha Just like her, making sure:)

Anticipation at the Orange County Airport

Emmett got the first hug! Long lost buddies!

Meeting the babies: Miles and Wynn

Some favorite people, 
Catherine, Sandra, Laurie, Dana, Miss Shirley, Bishop Simmons, Madison and Aunt Susan. Nicole, Kevin, Kate Boud, Mr Shirley. 

Momma got her baby girl back!

She wears it proud

Girls back together again!

And back at home at last!

More friends

Reunited! Garfield!

What did Lizzie want for her first dinner home? Cafe Rio of course!

An Honorable Release with Pres. Davis.

First night back, of course a sleepover in Natty's room. 

And back into real life...well, kind of.
Fun at the Ellis's house for Miles 1st birthday.

Andrew and Tommy arrive.

Next favorite activity...bagels at the harbor.

Christmas tree shopping and Ichi Biri's for the next stop. Keeping busy!

And suprise visitors. Uncle Steve, and the Pages!
What a fun surprise to see Ashlee walk through the doors. ahhhhh. 

And of course a trip to the Temple!

And so it chapter closes and a new one begins.

Welcome home Hermanita Lizzie Beaner-bop Koch! 
We sure missed you more than words can express! We are so grateful for your safe return home. Thank you for blessing our lives while you served so faithfully. We felt our Heavenly Fathers love and protection for you and us while you were away. We know that you had many angels helping to buoy you up. You are an amazing example of a beautiful, Christ-like disciple of the Savior.  We are so proud to be your family. You have touched many lives and have left memories in many hearts. The people of Houston TX have been blessed by your bright sunshiny spirit and will forever love you and be better for knowing you. You will never be the same after serving so faithfully. You have given your heart and soul to the Houston people in the service of your God and Savior Jesus Christ!

Well done thou good and faithful servant! You have returned with honor. 
We love you!