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May 26, 2014: Conroe

Hola Hola como estan? estoy bien gracias.

        First off, the email about Weston was so sad and so hard to hear but I am so incredibly grateful for the example that the whole Cummings family has set for me in my life. I can't think of a family more founded on Christ. Liz is such a strong amazing woman and I'm sure Weston is talking with Tim right now loving their time together. I will keep you all in my prayers. I know it will all work out the way God has planned it to and which ever side he stays on will be the side that most needs him. I love you all and will be thinking of you and praying for you.  

Happy birthday to Tana on Sunday!  21! That's a big number! "I'M OLD! I'M LIKE THE KRYPT KEEPER!!"- Freaky Friday

This week was amazing as usual!

Before the more spiritual serious stuff, because I like to end with that stuff because it's the best! I went on an exchange this week with Hermana McOmber! She lives a few houses from Tana! She grew up with her and went to school with her!! She is sooo cute! and SO sweet. Fun story about this exchange. We went to the house of someone that she and her companion are teaching and  we knocked on her door and these cute little women came out and told us that she was busy and couldn't accept us into her home right now. So we told them that we would just talk to her so we could set up another appointment, and they called into her and said that she couldn't even talk. They shut the door and then decided to talk to us and teach us about what they believe. They are members of the Jehova's Witness church and they were telling us about how wrong we were to believe that God wants all of us to go to the Celestial Kingdom. haha It was definitely an interesting conversations! I respect all people and all religions. They were very concerned for us that we were so young and weren't in the truth. But I assured them that I knew it was the truth. haha The only thing that was hard was everytime I tried to say that or anything, she would just say poooooobrecita!!!! no no no! haha and tell me I was wrong so we just decided to tell them kindly that we were going to leave a note for this lady and be on our way. So finally they left and were slowly getting into the car watching us and then all the sudden we hear a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HIT OUR CAR!!!!!!!!!! SMASHED THE SIDE MIRROR AND EVERYTHING!!!!! ahhaha oh man we were like NO WAY did that just happen. I love the mission ahhaha so the next few hours we sat their and I'm pretty sure they kept whispering to each other that satan had done this which was kinda sad because we are 20 year old girls that teach about Christ haha. Anyway she was REAAAAALY SORRY AND EMBARRASSED and we exchange all information and that is my story about how we got hit by our nice new friends.

Also I made Hermano Barrera cry talking about Nacho Libre and the song Let it go from Frozen. hahah He was telling us about how he told a little girl to stop singing that song because he just ate some frijoles! ahahahha We made up a really funny meme in our heads about the girl singing that and then the bottom half of the picture Nacho Libre jumping off the cliff. Probably isn't funny to anyone else but it was a definitely had to be there dinner conversation. They made me do the face I make to imitate the Grinch and the hoos from Hoosville.... hahaha he took pictures and everything. He now calls me Grinch-ita in Spanish. To cutify anything you put an ita like mamacita or papita.

This week was wonderful and full of miracles! Hermana Buno and I decided to fast this Sunday for our investigators. Our friends :) They have all been really close to making the amazing step in their lives to come closer to Christ through baptism but for some reason it just hasn't been happening for them. I have been worrying so much about them. We have been praying and praying and thinking about how we can help them in every way that we can. Then that Sunday night we had some members come out with us to teach a family that is so close to our hearts! Paula and Mauricio and we went and talked to them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and asked Hermano what he remembered about baptism and what it means to him and he said the most beautiful answer and we were so shocked that we only taught him it once and he just absorbed everything and you could tell that he was truly repentant and really wants this! We invited him to be baptized on the 21st of June and he accepted eagerly and said let's start preparing! I felt the spirit say to me to look at Hermana and I noticed that she was really paying attention and that there was something in her eyes so I said hermano would you like your wife to prepare with you as well, and he said claro que si! nos bautizamos juntos! So  I looked at Paula and said Hermana would you like that and she said "ay" and wiggled her pointer finger for yes! it was such a beautiful lesson and I am so grateful that the members of our ward are so willing to come and testify and teach with us!!

   I love this area! It is progressing and everything is working with harmony! Yesterday was the first day that I went to the ward council and it was so organized and working so well we felt so welcomed as missionaries and they were so happy to help us with the needs of our friends that are coming closer to Christ!

   I love my companion, she is so wonderful! With all of the trials she goes through she is just such an example to me of a Christ like person who endures through life with such perseverance. I love this gospel and I know it is true and that when you work in unity with your companion and God the work is unstoppable that is what I have been feeling here. Pure love and unity. I have never worked so well with someone in my life and I am so grateful for the things the Lord Is teaching me!

That was my email to president ahha sorry but it covered it!  The LORD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! I have such a testimony of fasting. I know the Lord listens. He answers His children He LOVES US! What else do we need in our lives. GOD the almighty, the all powerful, the creator of ALL loves US. US. the dust of the earth. HE LOVES US BECAUSE WE ARE HIS CHILDREN.

I love this gospel and I know it is true with all my heart. That families really can be together forever and I don't know why anyone would ever deny the chance to hear that message.



Con amor
Hermanita Koch!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 19, 2014: CONROE amazing week #2

Buenas Tardes :)
AHHHH LOEY IS GETTING MARRIEDDDDDDDDDD BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH ok sorry I am just soooooo happy for Lauren Krystyne Montgomery and Trevor Nofear Reese I can't even believe that they are engaged. I mean I can but I am just soo happy it finally came! woot woot woot. I have no more words, haha my heart just feels like it is going to explode.

Also because this week was amazing :) Literally everyday here is just beautiful and super chill with my good friend/saint of a companion Hermana Buno. She's a doll and the people here are just lovely. I seriously love my mission. It just kind of dawned on me that.... I just talked to y'all for the last time on my mission. In like 2 weeks I will only have six months left and in like 2 weeks I will have been here for a year blehhh. I was losing count until now because the math is too easy. Well anyway we aren't going to talk about that anymore. haha

So Conroe is the biggest place of blessings anyone could ever ask for. haha This week was literally amazing. Hermana Buno and I just kept saying that but I don't really know why, nothing was much different. haha We saw lots of miracles and we got to be with people and love them. I think that is the best part of being a missionary. You represent the Lord, you have been set apart by a priesthood holder and given the authority to just SIT AND LISTEN, and share your testimony of what you know to be true. I can't think of a better life than helping people come closer to Jesus Christ. It's beautiful and yet sometimes so hard. I just think about my life and how at times I felt like it would be easier to just go forward and not be as close to Him as I could, and boy how sad that made me. I feel like many times we are in trials and sadness and you'd think we would go to the source of true happiness which is God and yet so many times we search for temporary happiness, us humans! ahha.

Oh well asi es la vida. Good thing God gives us so many opportunities to become better! Like the atonement! I love the atonement. I am SO GRATEFUL FOR THE ATONEMENT!
I remember a quote that David A. Bednar said, I can't remember exactly what it said but I remember it saying, we always seem to think that repentance is for sinners. But really it's for all of us everyday to help us overcome things and become better. Those are definitely not the exact words haha but I am just so grateful for that because it is true. We often think that repenting (or changing and asking for forgiveness) is only for people who do AWEFUL things. But that isn't true at all, it covers EVERYONE! I am so grateful for that and for my Savior. I know that every day that I fall short on something and I don't become as great as I want to be, or as I could be, because of the atonement I don't have to stay the same lazy me. I can wake up the next day and just decide to change and ask Heavenly Father for His help to do it! An example of that I just thought of was how we wake up every morning at 6:30 and it has been REALLY hard lately. Like so hard that right at 6:30 not any second before, I would roll off the bed and kneel and pray and often fall asleep on my face on accident and then wake up and have to like pull out my hair to stay awake. But these past few days I have popped up right at 6:20 and 6:25, got on my knees said my prayers, jumped up and got going! I HAD NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED! NOTHING CHANGED. But maybe my prayers got more sincere for help? Maybe I really pleaded with Heavenly Father, maybe I had REAL intent, and He felt the need to help me... AND BOY DID I THANK HIM! It really has been one of the most miraculous things I have experienced on my mission!

This week was so wonderful and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share the gospel with everyone. We were able to explain the Book of Mormon to several people this week and they all wanted one. It just warms my heart to know that someone else holds in their hands such a beautiful Book  that contains such powerful scripture that truly brings us closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father!

I LOVE YOU ALLL!!! SORRY I DIDN'T WRITE MORE ABOUT THE WEEK and all the experiences. I just have a migrain and my eyes are dizzy from reading the screen so I'll get back to you next time haha love you!

hermana Koch

Oh! This week was Ashley Barrera's birthday so we made her a balloon that looked like a lady bug and filled it with 25 things we loved about her hahah I love her :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 12, 2014: Conroe TX: A Week I Never Expected On My Mission

Hermana Buno from Seattle WA!

Hello everybody!
   I honestly don't have words to describe this week, but I LOVE CONROE!!!!! My new area is in CONROE TEXAS. My area is called CONROE south and I am serving in the Conroe 3rd ward with Hermana Buno, Elder Hamelou, Elder Bradshaw and Elder and Sister Ardmore! It's awesome, beautiful, small, happy, and all sorts of fun. This week a lot of things happened that I NEVER expected to happen on my mission, starting with the sadder side of things with Grandma Koch passing away. That was really hard and I will explain my experience about that in a second, but also some fun and funny things happened that I never expected as well…

I got a rice cooker in the mail. 
I made a fort with my companion.
Someone took a picture of my companion and I walking as they drove past us.
We got group hugged in Walmart. 
We made best friends with a Pakistani woman names Saima who is the coolest and she made us amazing Chicken and Nan and gave us 3 Pakistani outfits!
I.... can't think of anything else. haha

SO ANYWAY THE PEOPLE HERE ARE AMAZING!! The first day we got here and were driving. I just said to hermana Buno, this feels so right. I KNOW I AM SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! I already love the people and I love this town it's sooo rural and like back woods I just meh idk hahah I love it. The Barreras are amazing as you already know but they are such an amazing family and are always there for us. If we don't have meal appointment we go there, if we need anything we go there! They are so happy to have us over and be there for us because they want to be the perfect family for the missionaries that they wish they had had for their daughter. They are hilarious and hermano..... started goin along the other day and singing the BEVERLY HILL BILLY SONG!!! I was like nooooooo wayyyyyyyy my dad sang me that before I would go to bed growing up! ah. Best news ever haha.
Well this week was awesome, I got here and we starting visiting people and getting to know people and tracting and knocking on houses! I love it. The work is amazing and I am pumped!!! This place is full of wonderful people they need to know the truth!

BAD NEWS = IT IS ALREADY GETTING HOT. HOT. HOT. HOT. WET. WET. WET. WET. ay ay ay. I am already starting to sweat! bah humbug!

I think I already told you all about the call on the computer, but I'll just say it again so I can have it down in writing.

Thursday was awesome :) It was full of planning and amazing visits. One in particular was that of a very special couple, Mauricio and Paula, I love them with my whole heart already even though I always think it is too full to love anymore! We had an amazing lesson with them about the plan of salvation. They have such a beautiful story. Hermana had an aneurism about 3 years ago and she can't move the right side of her body, and the only thing she can say is "i", but she CAN SMILE and GIGGLE. She has the most beautiful spirit around her. We were able to teach her about how we will be resurected and gain perfect bodies one day and live with our families forever, because of what our Savior did for us. As we testified of the truth of Christ's doctrine Paula's face lit up and she smiled and giggled, and my heart told me that she was in agreeance. My heart was so full of love and I felt so warm as tears trickled out of my lil tear ducts and as we testified of the love our God has for us. That He is really there and that He has made a plan to save us. I could just feel so strongly to the point of being able to see the room packed with spirits joining in with us to bring comfort and warmth to this family. Later that night was when I got the phone call from Sister Pingree that grandma Koch had passed away. It was really shocking and I cried pretty hard, but that's not surprising ahha. But I had the special experience to pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him if this really was His plan and if I would see my grandma again. Even though I knew it, I just felt like this was my chance to really really know and so I prayed and Heavenly Father recalled to my mind the feelings I had had in that lesson with them. I realized that I had felt the spirits so strongly because grandma had already passed and was standing beside me the entire lesson. I know that she is happy and herself again, that she is with grandpa and that we have no reason to be sad :) I am so grateful for this gospel I have no idea where I would be without it. There is NO WAY that I would be able to keep going with hope!


This gospel is amazing and everyone needs it. Everyone encounters hardship and sadness, some people everyday and some people once in a while when their loved one passes away, they are in this world just like we are. BUT THEY DONT HAVE THIS KNOWLEDGE. Can you imagine the type of hurt we would feel? But more importantly, can we imagine how much hurt Christ must feel because even though He suffered for them, they still have to go through the pain ample more amounts than we do because they can't FULLY access the atonement? Who are we to not share what we have?

I love you all so much and even though this week has been tough don't worry about me. I'm happy :) we made a fort! and Hermana Buno is the coolest ever! She is from Seatle Washington and she makes me laugh and does weird stupid childish things with me.



1. I'm obsessed
2. Hermana Buno!
3. Here mom haha I know you wanted me walking in action… don't mind my hind view haha
4. Our fort!

5. We are children... but it's ok :)
6. Evil rug rats baby... we are cunfused about how I even made that face haha
7. Mother's day party! Me and Mauricio and Paula!
8. hermana Buno and The barreras!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fun pictures I found

I spy a Hermana Koch in the middle of this missionary picture!

And this is what the Texas State flower looks like:
Blue Bonnet

Pictures taken from the Texas Houston Mission Blog

May 5, 2014: Canyon Lakes Area: #TRANSFERSWAG

Hola buenas tardes 


      I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED TOMORROW!! And I'm really sad about it! I am going to miss the people here SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!  It's really hard but I feel like I have more peace because for this area, I feel like I'm going to see all of these people soon. there are in situations that they will be where they are for a long time! So I'm happy. I'm starting to be more grateful for transfers because last time I didn't understand because I hadn't been transferred before, but now I know that it just means that I am going to meet more amazing people :) This week was amazing, we had a ton of miracles!!! The week was full of testifying of our Savior.

1. The first experience was with one of the woman that we talked to you about last week! But this week we went over again, here name is Maria and we went on Monday! We had an amazing lesson and she said that she would like a blessing!!! Because she saw the elders put there hands on her sons head, so we told her she can for sure have one! So we brought the elders to the next lesson and Maria's son and daughter in-law came in and we had an AMAZING lesson on the restoration. Elder Barney and I taught and the spirit was sooo strong! We had them close their eyes for the first vision and when they opened them the spirit was so strong and we testified and invited them to be baptized!!! THEY SAID YEA!!!! It was amazing :) I don't have words to explain the thick blanket of spiritualness!!! 

2. We went and saw Yesenia again!!! I've missed her so much and she's missed us!! We stopped by and taught her and her son stayed and listened as well! He is so kind! We visited them the next day as well and talked to Yesenia about how we know she will be blessed if she paid her tithing and it some how lead into the word of wisdom and she wants to follow both!!! She is incredible and it always surprises me that she always accept because she knows it's right she is so incredible she offered a beautiful prayer about how we have blessed her and I cried. Don't worry I took pictures I'll send them next week!! 


Hermana koch

Reunited with the Dream Team… Or the Celestial Kingdom as Pres called them.

Bishop Maren, Hna Parry and Hna Burnham

Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 29, 2014: Continued from previous email…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME = HOSPITAL FUN

(This is continued from her previous email which explains all of the things she didn't have time to get to.)

Ok good. now moving on... would you like some miracles? 

1. On my birthday we taught a darling woman who is going through some trials for the first time! She completely opened up to us and shared with us what she was going through! We were able to teach her how to pray and she willingly offered the prayer right then! It was wonderful! Last night we had a lesson with her as well and she saw the elders giving her son a blessing and so when we came over when we asked her if there was anything we could do for her she explained that she saw them putting their hands on her head and we were immediately like DO YOU WANT A BLESSING! and she said yes!! :) She is so tender :) We got to watch Finding Faith in Christ with her and you can just feel such a peace and sensitivity with her and that she really has just an inner feeling of who Jesus Christ is and what He did for her :) That's our purpose, to help others come closer to Him.

2. I gave a Book of Mormon to the nurse at the hospital without really knowing it and I have a picture ahha

3. I made another new best friend. Their are no coincidences with God! Prime example.. becoming bffs with sister Hale and Sister Crandall! Both were never my companions.. but Heavenly Father made is possible to be companions for a day!

4. Trevor Reese is coming home on Thursday and that makes my best friend Loey the happiest girl ever :) and so I am happy.

5. I have total peace even though the doctor thinks some things are abnormal.

6. We have been able to sing to a couple people and it brings the spirit so strong! That one of the woman who isn't a member but is potentially going to start investigating the church gave us her daughters number to ask us to call her!

7. President Pingree is amazing and allowed me to send this email because I couldn't yesterday!

There are so many more. Our days are full of miracles! solo hay que abrir los ojos y podemos ver todo que Dios tiene para nosotros


I woke up at 3:45 am because I was really hot and Hermana Jensen has a routine every  night that she wakes up to go potty. soooo I woke up this time and asked her to turn the air on! Well as usually I went to sleep thinking that I heard a noise but told myself to just go to sleep. Hermana Jensen all the sudden pokes her head into the room and says... "Hermana! quick come! I think someone has been in our apartment! something is in here!" so naturally I freak out and jump up and my heart is racing a million miles per hour and I think I'm having a heart attack and I turn the corner.... and Hermana Jensen yells happy birthday! haha she had decorated my little desk with little fake candles and a yellow bucket with big fake sunflowers and an Ariel card and lemon head :) It was so sweet and I was like awwwwww and then we took my "gross just woke up and I'm 20" picture haha and then hopped back into bed! Then I woke up and opened my presents!!! I was sooo happy! I LOOOOOOOVE ALL OF MY PICTURES!!! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! and everyone loves them as well :) I take them with me everywhere! haha thank you so much family!!!!!! 
I wore the shirt on my bday! and I drank out of the cup for my week of sickness haha :) It was very useful!! 
Then the day went on and was awesome! 
We did some studies! 
We taught the adorable Maria like I wrote about on the number one miracle! 
We ate at Hermana Toros!!! 
She made me cream cheese chicken!! 
and then we went to Nevie's because it was Jazmins birthday too!! and then we went to the Escobars!!! Hermano drew me his original elephant drawing!!!!!! IT WAS THE BEST!! :) 
AND THEN WE PLANTED LUCY!!!! hahaha :) the fruit of Lucy's loins. :) (her sunflowers)
and then we went home :) 
It was a really good day :) Really spiritual lessons and some good lovin :)


So! I went with Hermana Hale to the hospital.. there I signed a bunch of things and paid a bunch of money... then they made me take off all of my clothes and get in a little gown! and then the nurse was talking to us! :) She is darling! She is from el Salvador!!! :) We started talking to her, her name is Dina! When Hermana Hale asked her where she was from she said el Salvador and we said oh really! hablamos espanol tambien! and she said what?! no creo lo que veo! (I don't believe what I see) and she was soooooooo sweet! We asked her if she wanted to say a prayer with us and she said yes! SOOOO I offered a prayer and when we finished she said ugh! That was so beautiful it just pearced my heart! She was so cute :) She says we have beautiful Spanish aha I was like awwww you're my favorite! 

So they took me in and I kept apologizing to people that they were going to have to see my back porch, butttttttt it's ok because they say they do it all the time! Then as usual I passed out real fast when they gave me the drugs. Next thing I know I woke up! I don't remember toooo much, it's a lil hazy ahha but I do remember what Hermana Hale told me, so this is what happened, I woke up speaking fluent Spanish and Hermana Hale was laughing at me. She said that my Spanish was perfect and she was like what? I don't even know how to say that in Spanish! haha (don't worry when I was more aware I couldn't speak it as well) and I remember that everything was coming to me in my mind in Spanish, and it was really hard because Hermana Hale kept having to tell me to speak English and I'd have to like make myself and figure out how to say it in English, and then almost immediately I started asking for Dina! and so Dina came in and I bore my testimony to her and started crying and told her I loved her and that I wanted to give her something and so I wrote my testimony in a Book of Mormon and gave it to her and then I wrote my address and email and told her I wanted to keep in contact to hear about how she loves the book :) and then she told me she loved me and that I was and angel and she hugged me :) and all the other nurses were looking at me like I was crazy because they couldn't understand me crying and bearing my testimony to this other person and then I gave a Jesus card to the other nurse who spoke English, and then another nurse came and got me and wheeled me out and I apologized to her that I was having a hard time speaking English, and I asked her if she believed in Jesus and she said yes, and I explained to her that I was a missionary and she thought that was so cool and I gave her a Jesus card and she said that she lives right by one of our churches! So she gave me her name and address and phone number and we are sending the missionaries over! :) and thennnnn we went home :) and I wasn't hungry but needed to eat something so we went to the store and baught avocado, onion, tomatoes, jalapeno, and limes and we went home and made the yummiest guacamole and then we talked for hours because I could't fall asleep and then I cut Hermana Hales hair and it looks real good :) and that's the end of the story! :)

This week was awesome. I know that we are apart of the Kingdom of God on earth, that we don't have to be wearing a badge for people to notice something different. We all are born with a light and it gets brighter and brighter as we charge it and people can see that. Make the gospel a part of you, something that you live in every second that is such a part of you that it identifies you, that even when you aren't fully with it you can share it! 
Kate said that she shared in her relief society about my experiences sharing when I wasn't fully with it haha and it made me realize and her realize that if we just got over it, we could share it so powerfully! Because I didn't really care what people were thinking I was able to say exactly what was in my heart. These days people need to be more vulnerable and willing to put their heart on their sleeve. This is the Kingdom of God and we can't build it if we are judging and not willing to share with everyone :) We need more love. There can NEVER be too much love :) It just needs to be guided in the right direction! One direction ;) sorry.. couldn't help it haha I totally baught a one direction cup yesterday from the store ahha! I love you  all and I know our Savior cares and is depending on us to help His lost sheep, who are our brothers and sisters. OUR REAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS. In Heaven that person who is walking down the street isn't a stranger. They are someone that you know and love.



Hermanita Koch

ps: there is a street here called dusty yaupon and everytime i see it it makes me think of "dusty old uterice" (from Get Smart)
pss: at the gas station cher do you believe in love came on and i thought of you kate and singing with you in the car trying to decide which voice was sonny or cher ( hahahha i think we've figured it out ;)

Friday, May 2, 2014


Happy Birthday Lizzie-Beaner-Bop-Koch!

Hermana Toros cream cheese chicken! (Lizzie's favorite)

Hola hOla my loved ones! 

      This week has been crazyyyyyyy. I was looking at my pictures that I am going to send and couldn't believe that I hadn't sent some of them that it was still that week! ahha It feels like this has been the longest week of my life!! Lots of goodness though.... 

(A side note from mom: Lizzie had a crazy week and had some tests run at the hospital, hence the info in her news. I will fill in some blanks in case you are wondering what it's all about. I was able to talk with her after her experience on Friday, she is doing fine.)


I am now 20 ... crazy
I have a best friend named Hermana Megan Hale
I sometimes am fluent in Spanish
I have a small hernia
I have somethin going on in the esophagus
The spirit still works through His servants even when they are half asleep
The fruit of Lucy's loins now have a new home
My favorite color is still yellow.

(Apparently when Lizzie came out of anesthesia, she woke up speaking rapid-fire fluent Spanish. Her companion for the day, Hna Hale, said it was awesome and she couldn't believe it. Lizzie said, "I guess it's true, if you just don't think about it and let the spirit take over, it just comes out."  Lizzie has a lot of emotions when she has anesthesia so she shared a lot of love with everyone, bearing her testimony with everyone, writing it in a Book of Mormon and gave it to the nurse that she asked to pray with before she went under. She also gave her name and number to her and asked her to come to church and told her that she loved her. She told me other things that I can't remember, but she had a successful preaching day in the recovery room it sounds like....leave it to Hermana Koch. I LOVE HER!)

Back to Hna Koch:

Ok good. Now, moving on... would you like some miracles? 

There were a lot and I don't have time. The internet wasn't working and so hopefully I can send you something quick tomorrow if not.... LOVE YOU ALL

Hermana Koch

Photos by Hermana Koch:

My last night of  being 19

3:45 am, 20 years old, thanks to Hna Jensen

 Birthday lovin! Nevie and kids!

 Birthday lovin! Hna Toro!

 The Escobars!!!! and the Escobar elephant!!

 The fruit of Lucys loins
(remember the sunflower seeds I gave her?)

Happy with my family

Getting ready to go!!!

On the way back... 

 I cut 3 inches off Hermana Hales hair.
 I told her my aunt is a hair dresser and that I can immitate what I saw her do.. 
and so I did! and it looks super good :)