Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014: Conroe

Hola Hola como estan? estoy bien gracias.

        First off, the email about Weston was so sad and so hard to hear but I am so incredibly grateful for the example that the whole Cummings family has set for me in my life. I can't think of a family more founded on Christ. Liz is such a strong amazing woman and I'm sure Weston is talking with Tim right now loving their time together. I will keep you all in my prayers. I know it will all work out the way God has planned it to and which ever side he stays on will be the side that most needs him. I love you all and will be thinking of you and praying for you.  

Happy birthday to Tana on Sunday!  21! That's a big number! "I'M OLD! I'M LIKE THE KRYPT KEEPER!!"- Freaky Friday

This week was amazing as usual!

Before the more spiritual serious stuff, because I like to end with that stuff because it's the best! I went on an exchange this week with Hermana McOmber! She lives a few houses from Tana! She grew up with her and went to school with her!! She is sooo cute! and SO sweet. Fun story about this exchange. We went to the house of someone that she and her companion are teaching and  we knocked on her door and these cute little women came out and told us that she was busy and couldn't accept us into her home right now. So we told them that we would just talk to her so we could set up another appointment, and they called into her and said that she couldn't even talk. They shut the door and then decided to talk to us and teach us about what they believe. They are members of the Jehova's Witness church and they were telling us about how wrong we were to believe that God wants all of us to go to the Celestial Kingdom. haha It was definitely an interesting conversations! I respect all people and all religions. They were very concerned for us that we were so young and weren't in the truth. But I assured them that I knew it was the truth. haha The only thing that was hard was everytime I tried to say that or anything, she would just say poooooobrecita!!!! no no no! haha and tell me I was wrong so we just decided to tell them kindly that we were going to leave a note for this lady and be on our way. So finally they left and were slowly getting into the car watching us and then all the sudden we hear a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HIT OUR CAR!!!!!!!!!! SMASHED THE SIDE MIRROR AND EVERYTHING!!!!! ahhaha oh man we were like NO WAY did that just happen. I love the mission ahhaha so the next few hours we sat their and I'm pretty sure they kept whispering to each other that satan had done this which was kinda sad because we are 20 year old girls that teach about Christ haha. Anyway she was REAAAAALY SORRY AND EMBARRASSED and we exchange all information and that is my story about how we got hit by our nice new friends.

Also I made Hermano Barrera cry talking about Nacho Libre and the song Let it go from Frozen. hahah He was telling us about how he told a little girl to stop singing that song because he just ate some frijoles! ahahahha We made up a really funny meme in our heads about the girl singing that and then the bottom half of the picture Nacho Libre jumping off the cliff. Probably isn't funny to anyone else but it was a definitely had to be there dinner conversation. They made me do the face I make to imitate the Grinch and the hoos from Hoosville.... hahaha he took pictures and everything. He now calls me Grinch-ita in Spanish. To cutify anything you put an ita like mamacita or papita.

This week was wonderful and full of miracles! Hermana Buno and I decided to fast this Sunday for our investigators. Our friends :) They have all been really close to making the amazing step in their lives to come closer to Christ through baptism but for some reason it just hasn't been happening for them. I have been worrying so much about them. We have been praying and praying and thinking about how we can help them in every way that we can. Then that Sunday night we had some members come out with us to teach a family that is so close to our hearts! Paula and Mauricio and we went and talked to them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and asked Hermano what he remembered about baptism and what it means to him and he said the most beautiful answer and we were so shocked that we only taught him it once and he just absorbed everything and you could tell that he was truly repentant and really wants this! We invited him to be baptized on the 21st of June and he accepted eagerly and said let's start preparing! I felt the spirit say to me to look at Hermana and I noticed that she was really paying attention and that there was something in her eyes so I said hermano would you like your wife to prepare with you as well, and he said claro que si! nos bautizamos juntos! So  I looked at Paula and said Hermana would you like that and she said "ay" and wiggled her pointer finger for yes! it was such a beautiful lesson and I am so grateful that the members of our ward are so willing to come and testify and teach with us!!

   I love this area! It is progressing and everything is working with harmony! Yesterday was the first day that I went to the ward council and it was so organized and working so well we felt so welcomed as missionaries and they were so happy to help us with the needs of our friends that are coming closer to Christ!

   I love my companion, she is so wonderful! With all of the trials she goes through she is just such an example to me of a Christ like person who endures through life with such perseverance. I love this gospel and I know it is true and that when you work in unity with your companion and God the work is unstoppable that is what I have been feeling here. Pure love and unity. I have never worked so well with someone in my life and I am so grateful for the things the Lord Is teaching me!

That was my email to president ahha sorry but it covered it!  The LORD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! I have such a testimony of fasting. I know the Lord listens. He answers His children He LOVES US! What else do we need in our lives. GOD the almighty, the all powerful, the creator of ALL loves US. US. the dust of the earth. HE LOVES US BECAUSE WE ARE HIS CHILDREN.

I love this gospel and I know it is true with all my heart. That families really can be together forever and I don't know why anyone would ever deny the chance to hear that message.



Con amor
Hermanita Koch!

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