Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 5, 2014: Canyon Lakes Area: #TRANSFERSWAG

Hola buenas tardes 


      I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED TOMORROW!! And I'm really sad about it! I am going to miss the people here SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!  It's really hard but I feel like I have more peace because for this area, I feel like I'm going to see all of these people soon. there are in situations that they will be where they are for a long time! So I'm happy. I'm starting to be more grateful for transfers because last time I didn't understand because I hadn't been transferred before, but now I know that it just means that I am going to meet more amazing people :) This week was amazing, we had a ton of miracles!!! The week was full of testifying of our Savior.

1. The first experience was with one of the woman that we talked to you about last week! But this week we went over again, here name is Maria and we went on Monday! We had an amazing lesson and she said that she would like a blessing!!! Because she saw the elders put there hands on her sons head, so we told her she can for sure have one! So we brought the elders to the next lesson and Maria's son and daughter in-law came in and we had an AMAZING lesson on the restoration. Elder Barney and I taught and the spirit was sooo strong! We had them close their eyes for the first vision and when they opened them the spirit was so strong and we testified and invited them to be baptized!!! THEY SAID YEA!!!! It was amazing :) I don't have words to explain the thick blanket of spiritualness!!! 

2. We went and saw Yesenia again!!! I've missed her so much and she's missed us!! We stopped by and taught her and her son stayed and listened as well! He is so kind! We visited them the next day as well and talked to Yesenia about how we know she will be blessed if she paid her tithing and it some how lead into the word of wisdom and she wants to follow both!!! She is incredible and it always surprises me that she always accept because she knows it's right she is so incredible she offered a beautiful prayer about how we have blessed her and I cried. Don't worry I took pictures I'll send them next week!! 


Hermana koch

Reunited with the Dream Team… Or the Celestial Kingdom as Pres called them.

Bishop Maren, Hna Parry and Hna Burnham

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