Friday, May 2, 2014


Happy Birthday Lizzie-Beaner-Bop-Koch!

Hermana Toros cream cheese chicken! (Lizzie's favorite)

Hola hOla my loved ones! 

      This week has been crazyyyyyyy. I was looking at my pictures that I am going to send and couldn't believe that I hadn't sent some of them that it was still that week! ahha It feels like this has been the longest week of my life!! Lots of goodness though.... 

(A side note from mom: Lizzie had a crazy week and had some tests run at the hospital, hence the info in her news. I will fill in some blanks in case you are wondering what it's all about. I was able to talk with her after her experience on Friday, she is doing fine.)


I am now 20 ... crazy
I have a best friend named Hermana Megan Hale
I sometimes am fluent in Spanish
I have a small hernia
I have somethin going on in the esophagus
The spirit still works through His servants even when they are half asleep
The fruit of Lucy's loins now have a new home
My favorite color is still yellow.

(Apparently when Lizzie came out of anesthesia, she woke up speaking rapid-fire fluent Spanish. Her companion for the day, Hna Hale, said it was awesome and she couldn't believe it. Lizzie said, "I guess it's true, if you just don't think about it and let the spirit take over, it just comes out."  Lizzie has a lot of emotions when she has anesthesia so she shared a lot of love with everyone, bearing her testimony with everyone, writing it in a Book of Mormon and gave it to the nurse that she asked to pray with before she went under. She also gave her name and number to her and asked her to come to church and told her that she loved her. She told me other things that I can't remember, but she had a successful preaching day in the recovery room it sounds like....leave it to Hermana Koch. I LOVE HER!)

Back to Hna Koch:

Ok good. Now, moving on... would you like some miracles? 

There were a lot and I don't have time. The internet wasn't working and so hopefully I can send you something quick tomorrow if not.... LOVE YOU ALL

Hermana Koch

Photos by Hermana Koch:

My last night of  being 19

3:45 am, 20 years old, thanks to Hna Jensen

 Birthday lovin! Nevie and kids!

 Birthday lovin! Hna Toro!

 The Escobars!!!! and the Escobar elephant!!

 The fruit of Lucys loins
(remember the sunflower seeds I gave her?)

Happy with my family

Getting ready to go!!!

On the way back... 

 I cut 3 inches off Hermana Hales hair.
 I told her my aunt is a hair dresser and that I can immitate what I saw her do.. 
and so I did! and it looks super good :)

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