Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 21, 2014: Canyon Lakes Area: EL DOMINGO DE LA RESURRECION!

Hola hOla HOLA 

     Ok so before  forget and get to the meaty stuff, haha jk, but real fast! I got 2 packages from home today! A little package from Mookie, a package from mamacita! and an envelope package from mommy!! Just letting you know if anyone was wondering they got to me! and I am going to WAIT TO OPEN THEM UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! YOU ARE ALL THE  BEST! I LOVE YOU! 

Anyway, I am sad not to see your faces on my birthday! But I know it's ok because it's the only birthday I'll have in the field! and I'll be sharing it with my Savior!! 

This week was GREAT! It was definitely interesting... first of all I will warn you, that there aren't any updates on our lovely wonderful people that we are teaching :/ We haven't really gotten to see anyone this week! But we are doing a lot of finding! Walking is the best thing known to man! 
BUT it is so awesome. When you walk you get to talk to everyone! One night we just dropped our car off at 6 and decided to walk to all of our destinations and we had a goal to give out at least 2 Book of Mormons and we ended up giving out 3 and then we didn't have another so we got someones address and took it to them later! It was really fun :) 

Another highlight of the week! WE WENT TO A SEALING!!! The bishop's wife in our ward is soooo wonderful. She and all of her siblings and parents were sealed in the TEMPLE!!!! :D IT WAS SO AMAZING!! They invited us and it was the most glorious experience of my life!   I don't have any words! JUST MY TESTIMONY BURNING IN MY HEART. That I KNOW that families are eternal! That because God loves us He allows us to use His power here on earth to seal us together so that we can be happy FOREVER and live with our families. I love my savior and I know that because He was resurrected I know that we all, every one of us that comes to this earth, get to be resurrected too.

This easter Sunday I realized that Easter really is my favorite Holiday. I mean I love a lot of holidays, but it really touched my heart, if you think deeply about Christ being resurrected we realize that we are celebrating so many things. His love for us, eternity, eternal families, perfection, perfect bodies, the atonement, the hope we get that we know the glorious Sunday always follows the dark Friday! etc etc There are so many things! It all hit me for some reason when I was looking at the way you can say easter in Spanish. 
One of the ways is el domingo de la resurrecion. My heart just melted, it translates into the Sunday of the Resurrection. I just love the Spanish language. Instead of saying easter, if we were to say the Sunday of the resurrection every year I feel like it would hit our hearts so much more deeply. I felt like through the entire day the spirit was so strong, I could cut it with a knife like cheese cake. It was incredible, I could feel in the air that it is a HOLY day. I wrote in my journal last night how grateful I was for that spirit. I feel like the Lord just covered the world with a blanket, piercing every soul with that sweet hope filling spirit. I love my Savior and I know He loves me. I know He lives. 

Last night we went and visited a family and did the easter egg lesson with all the days of Christ's life that mom sent me and one of the little boys is like 7 and He said, I can't wait to see what Jesus looks like, I cant wait to see HIM. And I just looked at him and said, me too. me too. 

I can't wait and I testify that that day will come. And He will greet us with love and a smile. 


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