Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 31,2014 Canyon Lakes Area: Just Movin' Along!

Temple Lovin' from a while ago.
Hola Hola.

This week was a good one, and the miracles are amazing. We decided that we were going to stop by old investigators that the hermanas had and they were both amazing! Margarita is darling! We went to visit her and we talk her the restoration again, she listened quietly and answered a few questions, but it was kind of hard to read what she was feeling. I was praying really really hard in my heart that we would be able to help her in the way she most needed it. As I was listening and hermana Jensen was talking I felt so strongly that she needed to be invited to be baptized on April 12! I was freaking out a little but just kept telling heavenly Father I am giong to trust you and do it, I dont know how, there isn't enough sunday's, but I am going to do what thee asks. I didn't know if hermana Jensen was feeling the same way and so I didnt know what to do, if she was going to invite her or not but I just sat patiently... and then sure enough! Hermana Jensen asked her if she wanted to follow Jesus Christ more fully in her life and be baptized! SHE SAID YES!!! I followed up telling her that we will hold a baptismal service on the 12th of april and asked her if she would like t prepare for that day! SHE SAID YES! and then God is so good... She tells us that she has already been twice and that she loves church! She wants to be an example to her husband and her family. It was amazing. and she is so darling. Awesome miracle that we need to always trust in the Lord even when we don't feel like it makes sense!

We got to help Nevie put in a backyard of grass!! it was so fun our whole district helped! I got sun! and my hairs got a little blonder haha. and we found bunnies!
We went over to previous investigators house and it was really awesome. We had a beautiful lesson on why we keep the commandments, mosiah 2:41 and I had the chance to bare my testimony that God is really listening, and its not the words that we use, but its what we feel in our heart.

I have really been trying to work on that this week, as I pray to just open Padre Celestial, and then just open my heart, and sit in quiet for just  a little bit of time. I have been feeling the spirit so much stronger in my prayers, I have been feeling that He is really there listening. Do it. It's awesome. I love my Father in Heaven so much and i know He is listening to all of us!
I took a study time to really just get down and study alma 42: 13-24 and just read it in depth word by word and used some of the footnotes... it changed my life. It is incredible. God is perfect, He is just and He is merciful and more than anything He loves us. So He gave us His son Jesus Christ so that we can be happy forever. I want to be happy forever. But every choice we make has an effect on our eternities. If we want to live with Them and our families someday, we need to do something about it now.

He lives. I know He does. He suffered so that we don't ever have to feel alone.

Love you all!!

Con todo de mi amor,
Hermana Koch

 We found bunnies!
 Just layin' some SOD!

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