Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014: Canyon Lakes Area: Sometimes I Run, Sometimes I Cry

Hola Hola Hola

    OK FIRST OFF! BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUTS!!! I am really sorry if I get these wrong or I forget someone please forgive... I am on a mission hahah SO FIRST! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMACITA CLEGG!! I LOVE YOU!! and it's also Elder Langinbelik's birthday!
As I promised I have a poem for my little new niece!!! 
I hope you like it Natty and My Brotha The Docta!


    My little Wynn Lizzie! Welcome to this world of fun!
       You are going to have a life full of sun!
    You're mommy is the craziest lady,
        She is tiny and fun and cute as a daisy.
    I look forward for the day we meet,
        Our first little hug will be so sweet!
    I promise you will be loved,
        kissed a little too much and hugged!
    We'll dance together as soon as I'm home!
        You can be my partner in crime even though you'll only be as big as a gnome.
    You're so precious and pure, sent from up above,
         I'm sure you fit perfect in your new little body glove.
    But what's most important is what's inside,
         Your mom will teach you that there are gifts from God you should never hide.
    You were just holding God's loving hand,
         And He sent you for a reason to this Koch-Gessel clan.
    You came to this earth pre-ordained with a map,
         though it might start in the beginning with nap after nap.
    You will soon do great things like run, walk and sing
         and then one day you will recieve a ring!
    You are destined to be a queen up above
         a mother full of glory and love.
    But for now we will talk about the small and simply things,
         all the wonderful times with your mommy filling your dreams.
    For now, hay que aprender de ella
                       Aunt Bop
SORRY THAT WAS SOOOO LONG!! haha anyways! This week was suuuuper awesome!! We had an awesome lesson with Yesenia and she has a baptismal date for the 5th of April!! We are so excited! I just love her!

    This week was wonderful!! Our miracle is so sweet and simple! We were going over to a referral we had recieved from the english sisters. It was later at night and we just decided that it needed to be done! So we went over by prompting and as we got out of the car to walk up to their house a man rode past us on his bike and we said hello and he said hola! So I said hola como esta? and he stopped and got off his bike to talk to us. Come to find out that he had just moved here from Cuba one month prior and we told him what we do as missionaries and about church and about english classes!! He told us that he was for sure coming to church the next day and that he wanted to attend the english class! The next day in church he didn't show up in sacrament so we were a little bit bummed! We went to principios del evangelio class and a few minutes later the Bishop opened the door and lead a man to sit right behind us... IT WAS DAVID!! He is so cool and serious about this! He wants us to come teach his family to have faith in Jesus Christ! He is the coolest. It was such an amazing experience and it really taught me to have faith, rely on the spirit! ALWAYS CONTACT REFERRALS AND NEVER GIVE UP FOR THE NIGHT! WORK UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!! It was an awesome experience and it was really cool to be with Hermana Jensen because it helped me realize that after being on your mission for a little while it is easy to get.. Whats the word.. disanimo in spanish I think.. if thats even a word ahha but it's really easy to stop appreciating the miracles!!! HAY QUE PERSERVERAR CON GRATITUD!
    I love being a missionary! I might have already shared this, but Mosiah 23:21. God chastens His children so that they can grow stonger! I know that everyone is going through trials right now, as am I. That is part of life, one of our purposes here on this earth is not only to feel joy, but to learn and progress, we can't do that unless we have opposition in all things! I love this Gospel and everyday it gets better and better, it is something real. It isn't something that we choose to do when we are older, or in time, we need to act now. It is the only way to have true happiness. Like President Eyring says, the hardest, as well as the easiest time can be a blessing. We just need to open our eyes and see life the way God does :) I love you all and I hope everyone knows that I am praying for them!!! I had a dream about coming home last night and it was the WEIRDEST! AY YAY YAY. Hermana Crandall's old companion wrote on her calender the dates until she goes home poor thing. hahaha but because of it, now I know that I only have like 35 more weeks!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh sad day. Love you all!!
Hermana Koch

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