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Feb 24, 2014: Canyon Lakes Area: HOLA HOLA ALMOST HALF WAY THIS STINKS

      Well this week was awesome! It really was... We saw sooo many miracles!!! AND BEST PART WAS... it was because of OBEDIENCE! So the miracle I want to share is, during the week one of the mornings the alarm when off and something happened, we didn't hear it, it turned off we weren't really sure, but as a result, we woke up at 7:30 with a jult! I immediately got onto my knees after freaking out for a minute and prayed fervently asking Heavenly Father to please help me to feel Godly sorrow for being disobedient and a bad example to my companion and so that I can learn the importance of obedience. So I felt really bad throughout the morning, but I could feel the spirit and we had to work! So we went out! That day was REALLY HARD. It was really hard. I had somewhat at that point not really correlated the fact that it was because we got up late. But NO ONE was interested in our message! We talked to A LOT of people and they all would talk to us about religion and we'd share with them the message that we had and NO ONE was interested. It was like they could feel the spirit, BUT they just weren't interested. It was super duper hard. I remember getting on my knees that night and praying so hard, telling Heavenly Father that I felt like I wasn't doing anything, I was praying that my new missionary wasn't feeling discouraged and that she somehow didn't notice what was going on haha, and asking Heavenly Father with all of my heart what I was doing here. I remember feeling like I wasn't making any difference in the ward, that if I hadn't been there or even gone on my mission another missionary who works harder could be there and could make a difference. I remember saying to Him in closing, Am I even making a difference, and then I went to bed. 
The next morning we SPRUNG out of bed on time! We were exactly obedient back on track without event thinking about the day before! That day was AMAZING!! It was fantastic! We saw so many miracles! That night specifically though is what I want to share, we went to our last appointment for that night, it was a family in our ward who isn't all active and is so incredible though! We had a normal lesson, it was awesome and we felt the spirit! We invited them to read the family proclamation to the world and handed it to the Hermana and as we handed it to her she burst into tears thanking us. She said that all she could say was thank you. That even though we have only been visiting them for a couple of weeks, we have made a HUGE difference in their lives. She told us that we are angels sent from God and that we are making such a difference and that she feels so much unity in her family now, that they are slowly having more time together and that they are happy. She said a lot of different things and then we promised her that God would never forget her or leave her, that He knows her and sent us to their family. We ended with a hymn and then Hermana asked if she could say the closing prayer, it was such a beautiful prayer that made me cry as I sat and listened to her thank God with such sincerity and asked Him to bless us and the watch over us. It was amazing and we left their house so full of love. That night I remember praying to Heavenly Father and crying to Him and thanking Him for how quickly and directly He answered my prayers, and as I talked with Him He revealed to me several other instances in which He immediately answered my prayers. I know He is there and I know that He is always listening. I know that this area is really picking up and that He has given us miracle after miracle this whole weekend because He loves us! He loves them! And He showed me the importance of obedience.

I love this work!! We saw sooo many incredible miracles this week but I don't really have time to share much more!!! ACCEPT!! WE FOUND THESE AMAZING NEW INVESTIGATORS AND I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!! WE ARE PRAYING REALLY HARD FOR THEM AND CANT WAIT TO TEACH THEM AGAIN!!

sooooo lessons learned this week... so many

1. there are no coincidences... when you want to take the fish tank out that the elders randomly have in their apartment wait until it feels just right and then the Lord will put someone in your path that just happens to be sitting on the back of their truck smoking and being super awesome and wants it and then asks if they can go to our church because they are looking for one
2. never doubt how cool life is. Hermana Jensen definitely knows the cat came back song and I taught her the hand motions and it was the greatest moment of my life!
3. homemade woopie cushons do not work. they are more like a booster seat
4. don't judge a book by its cover
5. listen to the spirit and have faith that you have something special that someone around you needs to hear!!



Hermana Koch

ps: parents have you ever heard of the temple patron contribution fund? ;) just heard about it and yep that's all I want to say..

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