Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17, 2014: Canyon Lakes Area: I HAVE A BABY!!!

 Hermana Jensen from Sandy, UT

Hola hola!!

    This week has been awesome and sort of crazy!!!! I AM TRAINING!

So we normally get transfer calls on Sunday night and then if you are training they call you on Monday night and they didn't call me so I was like eh whatever. But Hermana Crandall was going to come be in my area with me until she got her baby... WELLLLL we go to transfer meeting early Tuesday morning... I look on the paper to see who my companion is who I'm about to go run off with and it has a bright red T.R.! AHHHH I screamed and then cried... haha classic. Anyway so the next two days were like the best days of my life because I got to be with Hermana Crandall who is my soul mate... It turns out I'm starting to have a lot of those haha but she really is like the same person as me... its weird!! We love each other haha so it was SUUUPER fun! Then we went to training training on Thursday morning! where we picked up our new missionaries!!! Hermana Carbajal went with Hermana Crandall!! Perfect and I love both of them!! and then I got HERMANA JENSEN!!!! SHE IS SO DARLING!! She is so humble and sweet and her spanish is really good!!! It must be a Mexico MTC thing! It was so awesome and it has been so fun so far! It's kind of hard and it kind of stresses me out because the way you are trained and the habits you make now shape your whole mission soo.... better not ruin her ahha just kidding the Lord wouldn't let that happen!! Who am I to think I have that kind of power!! Haha

Anyway this week really has been awesome :) We have had lots of fun and seen lots of miracles! Hermana J is NOT afraid to talk! I mean she gets nervous but she just jumps right in! The first day she got here I asked her if you wanted to do the lesson and share her favorite scripture and bear her testimony (mean trainer mom) and she totally did it!! With a whole background story and everything!! it was awesome! :) All I did was add my kaboos testimony and wala! The Lord brought the spirit! It was really an amazing lesson!

Oh another miracle to go along with that!!! I do not have a GPS and I didn't know that we had a key maps and I had no idea where I was going to the bishops house because I have gone like once and we were on fry and I didn't know what to do so we called his mother-in-law and she was going to text it to us but of course it didn't come on time so all I knew is that she told me to turn on one street so I did! And then I just went with what I felt for a few different turns and sure enough! right there! bishops house!!! THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAKS TO US IF WE WILL LISTEN :) I know that! I love this gospel. I love that I know that I have a constant friend and comforter. That no matter what I can tell myself it will be ok because WHATEVER I am going through was and is God's plan! I know that all good things come from Him and if we allow it He will inspire us!

Something cool, after we had all of our training and such we were eating lunch and the president came up to Hermana Jensen and I and he said that when he was interviewing her that immediately I popped into his mind! I am so happy and so excited! Life is hard :) but so good when you are on the errand of the Lord. Do His will and you will have His blessings to get you through!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! I Love you so much :) I am so blessed to be a missionary.
Hermana Koch!
ps: want to know an update on my spanish? well.... Hermana Rowe one day told me that I yelled in my sleep in spanish that's nice and exciting.... Umm the other day someone asked me where I was from and said california and she looked at me weird and said oh their are a lot of hispanics there that's why you already speak spanish and I said nope! I learned it here... and then she stared at me more and said is your family part hispanic? and I said ummm noooooo. and she was like you talk like a mexican..... YA I WAS KIND OF EXCITED........ OH WAIT. 5 hours later in another lesson… can't say ANYTYHING WRITE!!! (right) I was mixin up words all over the place!!! MORAL OF THE STORY..... IT'S A GIFT FROM GOD. Sometimes you get it and sometimes it's not as prominent. It's all because of Him. and that's why we rely on Him :)

#1 hermana Jensen!! first day!!
#2 hermana jensen second day! with hermana crandall hermana carbajal and elder snow!
#3 hermana crandall!

Goodbye dear Hermana Rowe

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