Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feb 10, 2014: Canyon Lake Area: SHE'S GOING HOME!

Hola hola! buenas tardes!

      SO THIS WEEK WAS GREAT! All of the weeks are great! haha We have seen so many miracles lately! Just fantastic miracles!

GRANDMA HART!!!! HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!! I love you so so so so so much! I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck! a hug around the neck and a barrel and a heep a barrel and a heep and im talking in my sleep about you! <3 (Grandma's song for Lizzie)

AND HERMANA B!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to my dearest Hermana Burnham as well :) oh how I  miss my soul mate <3

So I accidently forgot my old planner in the apartment..... which is full of my last week! and now I have a new planner because it is a new transfer! :) So this email is inevitabley going to be as rough as my spelling. So Hermana Rowe row row your boat is going home!!! D: ahhhh. I cant believe it! I am going to be taking over the area and I've only been here for 6 weeks and I am SCARED! ah. And tonight I find out if I train... trane? no train. and I am taking a huge guess I will not be. I'm pretty positive :) and I feel pretty good about that haha. I will miss my Hermana Rowe so much!  
(Side note, I got a text from Lizzie's former Gulfbank bishop telling me that YES, she is training). So that answered her questions!

Ok so in all honesty though this week was so amazing and full of sooo many miracles!! BUT I REALLY CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING!!! mi mente! se fue! ahhh It's so hard to remember things already just because everyday is full and I don't have my planner but I will do my best to write down some miracles.

miracle #1: We went to an hermana's house who is just awesome and I love her! and She is best friends with a mom and daughter who have been investigators for like five years off and on and we got to meet them!! They are so incredibly amazing. They have such strong faith and such an incredible amount of knowledge regarding religion! They invited us over for lunch the next day and it was the BEST FOOD EVER!! ahh it was sooo yummy. I seriously love them! We had a really awesome discussion about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us :) Their cousin is also living with them and has such incredible faith! They all came to church on Sunday!! haha they are just super hilarious. Super opinionated it's really incredible that they are searching and fighting for the answers! She said to Hermana Rowe as we left their house you can come back for my baptism ahha it was so funny we all laughed.

miracle #2: Ok SO hermana Rowe had a baptism in her last area to go to this week!! So what we did was she went and then a family picked me up and we went out together! :) It was really awesome! Kind of REALLY weird to be without my companion ahhaha anyway. So I went with an awesome family in our ward to another ward member who hasn't been able to come to church in a while and has had a few tragities in life :/ He is so amazing and really really humble :) We sat there and taught them the restoration again and it was awesome! It was kind of really hard being the only full time missionary! I was testifying and then all the sudden really aware that I didn't have anyone to fluidly start talking right after me! AHH but it was awesome and the testimonies of members are so inspiring! I encourage EVERYONE! to call up the missionaries and ask them when they need them for a lesson! Please do it!! They will be sooo incredibly grateful. And from a missionaries point of view, you could be an answer to their prayers! And the perfect person for that investigator! :)
OH huge miracle! right when we got to their house before we started the lesson I met the daughter of this family who is not a member and is so darling! I had never met her before and Hermana Rowe had a few times but we didn't have her number and she was only sometimes living there! Before I could think about what I was doing I got so excited and blurted out! Hi! I haven't met you! I have been wanting to meet you! I've heard so much about you! She was so super sweet and gave me her number :) We are going to go over there sometime soon!

Well there are SO MANY MORE MIRACLES! SO MANY MANY MORE! really amazing ones. But I dont have much time and I cant remember all of them. But I just want to testify of testifying :) The times when I learn the most and feel the closest to my Savior, is when I open my heart to someone and share with them what I know to be true. There is such a sweet power in sharing your knowlegde with someone else because you love and care for them. Returning to live with our Father in Heaven is an individual battle, but we can help each other get there! I know that Our Savior lives and that He is there holding our hand. That as we strengthen the people around us our love and understanding of Him grows!
Hermana Koch

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