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March 17, 2014: Canyon Lakes Area: God has been good to me!

Hna Crandall, Pedderson and Jensen!!! 
Waiting for the other hermanas to exchange!

Hola hola!!
     How's it going?! life is so good in Houston and the weather is decent! We have had lots of good stuff and miracles this week! Thank you so much for all the lovin! The letters and packages! my first letter from Wynnlizzie and a super cute postcard from Mookie! An awesome uplifting letter from daddy! ADORBALE PICTURES AND SUPPORT FROM MOMMY and a letter from LOEYYYY!!! now that i write that out that makes me feel really good inside, thanks guys!! <333 OH AND MCKAYLA'S WEDDING INVITATION!!!! no mind that she never told me about it herself ahha....thats ok though i underSTAND!!! she met her ETERNAL COMPANION. wow. anyways.... so so many great things happened! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

First, we to knock on the door of what we thought was a member of our ward! but it wasnt! so, we were going to leave but decided to knock the door right next to it, this man opened and we ended up having a little lesson with him on his porch! He by MIRACLE was home at that time because he never is! coincidence? i thinknot!!! (the incredibles). And he was super amazing and he asked if we had anything for him to read and then we set up an appointment to come back!! there was a lot more to the story that makes it an even bigger miracle but thats what i got for ya sorry ahha. But he is so cool and sincere and has such a desire to love God and do what he can for Him. He is going to read the intro to the BoM!

Second, we sang dearest children god is with you (in spanish) one morning for comp study and i dont know what but it just filled my heart with love! you should just read the words they are so tender! 

Third, the other night we had a little bit of time before we needed to go home and all of our appoinments feel through! we didnt know what to do! And we started drivign and passed a woman's house that we usually go to in the afternoons and both felt like we needed to turn around and try her! Recently, well for a long time since hermana Rowe and I haha we hadnt been able to get in with her and see her and so we tried that night and she was home!!! WE HAD A BEAUTIFUL lesson with her and are going back tomorrow!!

Forth, we had the worlds longest door aproach! We knocked on a woman's house and she came out and we ended up talking to her on her porch for 3 hours!!! She just kept telling us life story after life story after life story! It was incredible!!!! SHE HAS DONE SO MANYTHINGS AND HAD SO MANY MIRACLES IN HER LIFE!!! i seriously learned at LEAST 13 life lessons by the end of it! Hermana Jensen and I were just shoot out one after the other to each other up till like 13 and then we had to discuss other things! It was amazing though! some of the lessons consisted of, 1. your mom knows if the person you are marrying is right or not. 2. get an education and leave your work at work when you go home 3. how to potty train your child in 24 hours 4. how to keep your kids quiet in church.... and there are so many more but i have to move on! 
FIFTH! Haha every week it has been about the woman I told you about last weeik, lets call her yesy. but I am just obsessed with her! The Lord is blessing me so much through her :) This week she came to church with her mother again! and this time they were 15 minutes early! earlier than a lot of the ward members! We got so excited we ran up and hugged them and sat down. we talked to them and members started coming up introducing themselves and some of them asked if they were members or meeting the church and they said meeting the church and then all the sudden yesenia turns to us and says, how do you become a member of the church? and so we told her through baptism and what it means to be baptized and she just kept saying que bonito! and then after we finished that she asked us what does someone do in order to get baptized! and we told her and then she said que bonito! and so i asked her if it is something that she would like and she said yes very much!! It was so great! We sat next to her in sacrament and explained to her what it meant to eat the bread and water and she just kept say que bonito and asking about different things it was so awesome. At the end her and her mom said that they will keep coming! 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! I testify of the cleaning and healing power of the sacrament. I know it is the MOST IMPORTANT reason we come to church. A few members said yesterday in church that when they go and miss the sacrament its like they missed church that week. I know that it has such great power and that with out it we cannot of the spirit with us all the time. BUT if we renew those covenants each week we have His promise to have His spirit. I love this gospel and I love my Savior. Next time you take the sacrament please read and ponder about what the prayer says. Really think about what it means and ask Him for help to do better that coming week. I know that He lives and is with us. That He suffered so that He could succor us. Like a child. He is there and can only help us but we have to reach out to him Matt 11:28-30. The way to reach out to Him is to pray and to read of Him! of His life and of His miracles. I know that Miracles are real. That they are all around us. That God protects us with His angels, with our angels. I love this gospel. It real. Its true. its not just a fad or a your choice of religion, its a way of life. Its not just A way of life but its THE way of life. The path to return to our Father in Heaven. Thats where I want to be, with my family forever. Its possible, and worth it. 

Love you all!
Hermana Koch 

Waiting for hermana Jensen... I'm so tired.

 Hna Crandall, Pedderson and Jensen!!! 
Waiting for the other hermanas to exchange!


I love my Hermana Hill 

the dino disolving egg oatmeal

wongo bongo time

Papaya milk and sugar = best thing ever!

 Homemade corn tortillas by me!

Proof that I now like Emergency! 
I feel like that was a stupid picture to send every body hahaa

Drawings from the hermano who was teachings principios del evangelio

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