Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014: Canyon Lake Area: Stark Contrast

Hola HOLA!! 
    Hello my lovely family! How is everything going? Obviously Heavenly! 
Such great things happening with the Koch Kingdom!!! I am so happy that everything is going so well. 

So the news I've been hearin through the grape vine is that TODAY is March 3.. in exactly 9 months I will be coming home on a plane. haha This week has quite possibly been the worst week ever! BUT ALSO THE MOST AMAZING ONE!!! I feel like Satan has just been blasting me! I am SO TIRED. SO EMPTY. and still goin :D It was definitely a shock when I thought about how long I've been out. And that it's half way gone... FYI to missionaries... don't even do that... it induces a sudden panic attack that really helps nothing but Satan. Satan is my brother and so I love him, but I do not have to like him! and that is what I have to say about that!
Just a side note I took a break right here to go eat at Chic-fil-a. We and a couple other missionaries went to Chic-fil-a and they held the door for this woman and I said to her, I love your hair! and she said oh my hair? and was pointing up with her ice cream cone (hardly eaten) and it dropped... on the cold hard ground.(accidental Taylor Swift reference) and we all saw her face and I immediately said. CAN I BUY YOU A NEW ONE! and she yes. So I bought it for her and as I was buying it she talked to Elder Barney and she sat down with us and had a lesson! She was super cool... and then we got here :) 

Now for the miracles this week! There were so many but I just want to share like 2!
1. We are just over here swimming in the Canyon Lakes of miracles! There were so many beautiful experiences this week! So the day after zone conference Hermana Jensen and I were on the computer because Hermana Jensen was doing some 12 week training. So we decided that it would be a good time since we had the opening to check out  Well my story with family history is that I have never wanted to really do it, or rather I have but I didn't know how, and I for some weird reason had been under the impression that all of my families had been done! So I decided to go on and start clicking and going as far back on my tree to see where I came from, and all of these people had their work done, and when I would get pretty far back into the tree I would accidently close out and get frustrated because I had no idea where I got there! So on the last try I started going back! and I clicked on a man at pretty much the very end of that branch and it said that He needed to still be sealed to his spouse!! And I was ecstatic! I thought wow! That's great my parents could do that! I'll let them know!! SO I clicked on his wife, Elisabeth Maria Margaretha Schuritz and saw that NONE of her work had been done! And I got sooo jittery and ecstatic and I caught the spirit of Elijah! It was incredible. I felt like the veil was so thin and that Elisabeth had been waiting for me to find her. I later found that her children need their work as well and us missionaries are going to do it :) I am so happy. I feel so much power from the other side of the veil and I know that there are people waiting! I felt such a tender spirit and so happy especially because she and I have the same first two names, just spelled a tiny bit different ;) I am so happy and I want other people to feel this joy and happiness! I can't wait to help people do this!
Something cool mom is that the family history brother at the church was talking to me and he said the name thing might not be a coincidence, that that very well could have been her trying to impress you so that I could find her :) 

2. LAST NIGHT! So yesterday I just felt funky it was weird, and I just felt like Satan was just throwing me off BUT I wasn't letting him stop me. I was doing what I needed to do because I knew the best way to fight him is by doing what you are supposed to, fighting him with the tools God gives us. We were at the end of the night and we didnt have any set appointments so I said Hermana Jensen I am mixed. I am feeling pulled in so many different directions. She says I am feeling really strongly that we need to go talk to.... And so I said OK! I turned the car around and we went. So this family is very sweet. A couple of weeks ago we knocked on their door and talked to the kids and they said their mom wasn't home and that she would be interested. Well we kept going back and kept missing her! So we went back last night! We knocked on the door and she opened it and said immediately to us, "come in!" in spanish of course haha. We sat down and started talking with her and had a lesson! She told us that she texted last night a preacher that she knows to ask when his church was and where because she felt like she needed to go to church and he didn't text her back! So she showed me the text to prove she wasnt lying and then she said God sent you two to me! I am going to go to your church! It was aamzing and we are teaching her family the restoration tonight :)
I love this work it's amazing! EVERYONE needs it! D&C 18:10 God wants all His children to come home. Spread the word. Hermano Pina de la Setenta came to visit our Stake's Conference and it was amazing! All about sharing with those you love! and we had zone conference on family history work! It was amazing! do your family history work! It is incredible and it allows you to feel the spirit so strong!
Hermana Koch

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