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April 29, 2014: Continued from previous email…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME = HOSPITAL FUN

(This is continued from her previous email which explains all of the things she didn't have time to get to.)

Ok good. now moving on... would you like some miracles? 

1. On my birthday we taught a darling woman who is going through some trials for the first time! She completely opened up to us and shared with us what she was going through! We were able to teach her how to pray and she willingly offered the prayer right then! It was wonderful! Last night we had a lesson with her as well and she saw the elders giving her son a blessing and so when we came over when we asked her if there was anything we could do for her she explained that she saw them putting their hands on her head and we were immediately like DO YOU WANT A BLESSING! and she said yes!! :) She is so tender :) We got to watch Finding Faith in Christ with her and you can just feel such a peace and sensitivity with her and that she really has just an inner feeling of who Jesus Christ is and what He did for her :) That's our purpose, to help others come closer to Him.

2. I gave a Book of Mormon to the nurse at the hospital without really knowing it and I have a picture ahha

3. I made another new best friend. Their are no coincidences with God! Prime example.. becoming bffs with sister Hale and Sister Crandall! Both were never my companions.. but Heavenly Father made is possible to be companions for a day!

4. Trevor Reese is coming home on Thursday and that makes my best friend Loey the happiest girl ever :) and so I am happy.

5. I have total peace even though the doctor thinks some things are abnormal.

6. We have been able to sing to a couple people and it brings the spirit so strong! That one of the woman who isn't a member but is potentially going to start investigating the church gave us her daughters number to ask us to call her!

7. President Pingree is amazing and allowed me to send this email because I couldn't yesterday!

There are so many more. Our days are full of miracles! solo hay que abrir los ojos y podemos ver todo que Dios tiene para nosotros


I woke up at 3:45 am because I was really hot and Hermana Jensen has a routine every  night that she wakes up to go potty. soooo I woke up this time and asked her to turn the air on! Well as usually I went to sleep thinking that I heard a noise but told myself to just go to sleep. Hermana Jensen all the sudden pokes her head into the room and says... "Hermana! quick come! I think someone has been in our apartment! something is in here!" so naturally I freak out and jump up and my heart is racing a million miles per hour and I think I'm having a heart attack and I turn the corner.... and Hermana Jensen yells happy birthday! haha she had decorated my little desk with little fake candles and a yellow bucket with big fake sunflowers and an Ariel card and lemon head :) It was so sweet and I was like awwwwww and then we took my "gross just woke up and I'm 20" picture haha and then hopped back into bed! Then I woke up and opened my presents!!! I was sooo happy! I LOOOOOOOVE ALL OF MY PICTURES!!! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! and everyone loves them as well :) I take them with me everywhere! haha thank you so much family!!!!!! 
I wore the shirt on my bday! and I drank out of the cup for my week of sickness haha :) It was very useful!! 
Then the day went on and was awesome! 
We did some studies! 
We taught the adorable Maria like I wrote about on the number one miracle! 
We ate at Hermana Toros!!! 
She made me cream cheese chicken!! 
and then we went to Nevie's because it was Jazmins birthday too!! and then we went to the Escobars!!! Hermano drew me his original elephant drawing!!!!!! IT WAS THE BEST!! :) 
AND THEN WE PLANTED LUCY!!!! hahaha :) the fruit of Lucy's loins. :) (her sunflowers)
and then we went home :) 
It was a really good day :) Really spiritual lessons and some good lovin :)


So! I went with Hermana Hale to the hospital.. there I signed a bunch of things and paid a bunch of money... then they made me take off all of my clothes and get in a little gown! and then the nurse was talking to us! :) She is darling! She is from el Salvador!!! :) We started talking to her, her name is Dina! When Hermana Hale asked her where she was from she said el Salvador and we said oh really! hablamos espanol tambien! and she said what?! no creo lo que veo! (I don't believe what I see) and she was soooooooo sweet! We asked her if she wanted to say a prayer with us and she said yes! SOOOO I offered a prayer and when we finished she said ugh! That was so beautiful it just pearced my heart! She was so cute :) She says we have beautiful Spanish aha I was like awwww you're my favorite! 

So they took me in and I kept apologizing to people that they were going to have to see my back porch, butttttttt it's ok because they say they do it all the time! Then as usual I passed out real fast when they gave me the drugs. Next thing I know I woke up! I don't remember toooo much, it's a lil hazy ahha but I do remember what Hermana Hale told me, so this is what happened, I woke up speaking fluent Spanish and Hermana Hale was laughing at me. She said that my Spanish was perfect and she was like what? I don't even know how to say that in Spanish! haha (don't worry when I was more aware I couldn't speak it as well) and I remember that everything was coming to me in my mind in Spanish, and it was really hard because Hermana Hale kept having to tell me to speak English and I'd have to like make myself and figure out how to say it in English, and then almost immediately I started asking for Dina! and so Dina came in and I bore my testimony to her and started crying and told her I loved her and that I wanted to give her something and so I wrote my testimony in a Book of Mormon and gave it to her and then I wrote my address and email and told her I wanted to keep in contact to hear about how she loves the book :) and then she told me she loved me and that I was and angel and she hugged me :) and all the other nurses were looking at me like I was crazy because they couldn't understand me crying and bearing my testimony to this other person and then I gave a Jesus card to the other nurse who spoke English, and then another nurse came and got me and wheeled me out and I apologized to her that I was having a hard time speaking English, and I asked her if she believed in Jesus and she said yes, and I explained to her that I was a missionary and she thought that was so cool and I gave her a Jesus card and she said that she lives right by one of our churches! So she gave me her name and address and phone number and we are sending the missionaries over! :) and thennnnn we went home :) and I wasn't hungry but needed to eat something so we went to the store and baught avocado, onion, tomatoes, jalapeno, and limes and we went home and made the yummiest guacamole and then we talked for hours because I could't fall asleep and then I cut Hermana Hales hair and it looks real good :) and that's the end of the story! :)

This week was awesome. I know that we are apart of the Kingdom of God on earth, that we don't have to be wearing a badge for people to notice something different. We all are born with a light and it gets brighter and brighter as we charge it and people can see that. Make the gospel a part of you, something that you live in every second that is such a part of you that it identifies you, that even when you aren't fully with it you can share it! 
Kate said that she shared in her relief society about my experiences sharing when I wasn't fully with it haha and it made me realize and her realize that if we just got over it, we could share it so powerfully! Because I didn't really care what people were thinking I was able to say exactly what was in my heart. These days people need to be more vulnerable and willing to put their heart on their sleeve. This is the Kingdom of God and we can't build it if we are judging and not willing to share with everyone :) We need more love. There can NEVER be too much love :) It just needs to be guided in the right direction! One direction ;) sorry.. couldn't help it haha I totally baught a one direction cup yesterday from the store ahha! I love you  all and I know our Savior cares and is depending on us to help His lost sheep, who are our brothers and sisters. OUR REAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS. In Heaven that person who is walking down the street isn't a stranger. They are someone that you know and love.



Hermanita Koch

ps: there is a street here called dusty yaupon and everytime i see it it makes me think of "dusty old uterice" (from Get Smart)
pss: at the gas station cher do you believe in love came on and i thought of you kate and singing with you in the car trying to decide which voice was sonny or cher ( hahahha i think we've figured it out ;)

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