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May 12, 2014: Conroe TX: A Week I Never Expected On My Mission

Hermana Buno from Seattle WA!

Hello everybody!
   I honestly don't have words to describe this week, but I LOVE CONROE!!!!! My new area is in CONROE TEXAS. My area is called CONROE south and I am serving in the Conroe 3rd ward with Hermana Buno, Elder Hamelou, Elder Bradshaw and Elder and Sister Ardmore! It's awesome, beautiful, small, happy, and all sorts of fun. This week a lot of things happened that I NEVER expected to happen on my mission, starting with the sadder side of things with Grandma Koch passing away. That was really hard and I will explain my experience about that in a second, but also some fun and funny things happened that I never expected as well…

I got a rice cooker in the mail. 
I made a fort with my companion.
Someone took a picture of my companion and I walking as they drove past us.
We got group hugged in Walmart. 
We made best friends with a Pakistani woman names Saima who is the coolest and she made us amazing Chicken and Nan and gave us 3 Pakistani outfits!
I.... can't think of anything else. haha

SO ANYWAY THE PEOPLE HERE ARE AMAZING!! The first day we got here and were driving. I just said to hermana Buno, this feels so right. I KNOW I AM SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! I already love the people and I love this town it's sooo rural and like back woods I just meh idk hahah I love it. The Barreras are amazing as you already know but they are such an amazing family and are always there for us. If we don't have meal appointment we go there, if we need anything we go there! They are so happy to have us over and be there for us because they want to be the perfect family for the missionaries that they wish they had had for their daughter. They are hilarious and hermano..... started goin along the other day and singing the BEVERLY HILL BILLY SONG!!! I was like nooooooo wayyyyyyyy my dad sang me that before I would go to bed growing up! ah. Best news ever haha.
Well this week was awesome, I got here and we starting visiting people and getting to know people and tracting and knocking on houses! I love it. The work is amazing and I am pumped!!! This place is full of wonderful people they need to know the truth!

BAD NEWS = IT IS ALREADY GETTING HOT. HOT. HOT. HOT. WET. WET. WET. WET. ay ay ay. I am already starting to sweat! bah humbug!

I think I already told you all about the call on the computer, but I'll just say it again so I can have it down in writing.

Thursday was awesome :) It was full of planning and amazing visits. One in particular was that of a very special couple, Mauricio and Paula, I love them with my whole heart already even though I always think it is too full to love anymore! We had an amazing lesson with them about the plan of salvation. They have such a beautiful story. Hermana had an aneurism about 3 years ago and she can't move the right side of her body, and the only thing she can say is "i", but she CAN SMILE and GIGGLE. She has the most beautiful spirit around her. We were able to teach her about how we will be resurected and gain perfect bodies one day and live with our families forever, because of what our Savior did for us. As we testified of the truth of Christ's doctrine Paula's face lit up and she smiled and giggled, and my heart told me that she was in agreeance. My heart was so full of love and I felt so warm as tears trickled out of my lil tear ducts and as we testified of the love our God has for us. That He is really there and that He has made a plan to save us. I could just feel so strongly to the point of being able to see the room packed with spirits joining in with us to bring comfort and warmth to this family. Later that night was when I got the phone call from Sister Pingree that grandma Koch had passed away. It was really shocking and I cried pretty hard, but that's not surprising ahha. But I had the special experience to pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him if this really was His plan and if I would see my grandma again. Even though I knew it, I just felt like this was my chance to really really know and so I prayed and Heavenly Father recalled to my mind the feelings I had had in that lesson with them. I realized that I had felt the spirits so strongly because grandma had already passed and was standing beside me the entire lesson. I know that she is happy and herself again, that she is with grandpa and that we have no reason to be sad :) I am so grateful for this gospel I have no idea where I would be without it. There is NO WAY that I would be able to keep going with hope!


This gospel is amazing and everyone needs it. Everyone encounters hardship and sadness, some people everyday and some people once in a while when their loved one passes away, they are in this world just like we are. BUT THEY DONT HAVE THIS KNOWLEDGE. Can you imagine the type of hurt we would feel? But more importantly, can we imagine how much hurt Christ must feel because even though He suffered for them, they still have to go through the pain ample more amounts than we do because they can't FULLY access the atonement? Who are we to not share what we have?

I love you all so much and even though this week has been tough don't worry about me. I'm happy :) we made a fort! and Hermana Buno is the coolest ever! She is from Seatle Washington and she makes me laugh and does weird stupid childish things with me.



1. I'm obsessed
2. Hermana Buno!
3. Here mom haha I know you wanted me walking in action… don't mind my hind view haha
4. Our fort!

5. We are children... but it's ok :)
6. Evil rug rats baby... we are cunfused about how I even made that face haha
7. Mother's day party! Me and Mauricio and Paula!
8. hermana Buno and The barreras!

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