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May 19, 2014: CONROE amazing week #2

Buenas Tardes :)
AHHHH LOEY IS GETTING MARRIEDDDDDDDDDD BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH ok sorry I am just soooooo happy for Lauren Krystyne Montgomery and Trevor Nofear Reese I can't even believe that they are engaged. I mean I can but I am just soo happy it finally came! woot woot woot. I have no more words, haha my heart just feels like it is going to explode.

Also because this week was amazing :) Literally everyday here is just beautiful and super chill with my good friend/saint of a companion Hermana Buno. She's a doll and the people here are just lovely. I seriously love my mission. It just kind of dawned on me that.... I just talked to y'all for the last time on my mission. In like 2 weeks I will only have six months left and in like 2 weeks I will have been here for a year blehhh. I was losing count until now because the math is too easy. Well anyway we aren't going to talk about that anymore. haha

So Conroe is the biggest place of blessings anyone could ever ask for. haha This week was literally amazing. Hermana Buno and I just kept saying that but I don't really know why, nothing was much different. haha We saw lots of miracles and we got to be with people and love them. I think that is the best part of being a missionary. You represent the Lord, you have been set apart by a priesthood holder and given the authority to just SIT AND LISTEN, and share your testimony of what you know to be true. I can't think of a better life than helping people come closer to Jesus Christ. It's beautiful and yet sometimes so hard. I just think about my life and how at times I felt like it would be easier to just go forward and not be as close to Him as I could, and boy how sad that made me. I feel like many times we are in trials and sadness and you'd think we would go to the source of true happiness which is God and yet so many times we search for temporary happiness, us humans! ahha.

Oh well asi es la vida. Good thing God gives us so many opportunities to become better! Like the atonement! I love the atonement. I am SO GRATEFUL FOR THE ATONEMENT!
I remember a quote that David A. Bednar said, I can't remember exactly what it said but I remember it saying, we always seem to think that repentance is for sinners. But really it's for all of us everyday to help us overcome things and become better. Those are definitely not the exact words haha but I am just so grateful for that because it is true. We often think that repenting (or changing and asking for forgiveness) is only for people who do AWEFUL things. But that isn't true at all, it covers EVERYONE! I am so grateful for that and for my Savior. I know that every day that I fall short on something and I don't become as great as I want to be, or as I could be, because of the atonement I don't have to stay the same lazy me. I can wake up the next day and just decide to change and ask Heavenly Father for His help to do it! An example of that I just thought of was how we wake up every morning at 6:30 and it has been REALLY hard lately. Like so hard that right at 6:30 not any second before, I would roll off the bed and kneel and pray and often fall asleep on my face on accident and then wake up and have to like pull out my hair to stay awake. But these past few days I have popped up right at 6:20 and 6:25, got on my knees said my prayers, jumped up and got going! I HAD NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED! NOTHING CHANGED. But maybe my prayers got more sincere for help? Maybe I really pleaded with Heavenly Father, maybe I had REAL intent, and He felt the need to help me... AND BOY DID I THANK HIM! It really has been one of the most miraculous things I have experienced on my mission!

This week was so wonderful and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share the gospel with everyone. We were able to explain the Book of Mormon to several people this week and they all wanted one. It just warms my heart to know that someone else holds in their hands such a beautiful Book  that contains such powerful scripture that truly brings us closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father!

I LOVE YOU ALLL!!! SORRY I DIDN'T WRITE MORE ABOUT THE WEEK and all the experiences. I just have a migrain and my eyes are dizzy from reading the screen so I'll get back to you next time haha love you!

hermana Koch

Oh! This week was Ashley Barrera's birthday so we made her a balloon that looked like a lady bug and filled it with 25 things we loved about her hahah I love her :)

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