Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014: Canyon Lake Area: What a Wonderful World

Hola hola!!!

     This week was soooo wonderful! And I don't really have even that much to report! The mission is just so great and I will have so many stories to tell you when I get home from my journal haha because I just dont have time to write down every thought and feeling.... 

BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST! We made our move! haha "we did it we did it we did it hurray! ya we did it!" 

I feel such a connection to Dora these days... she speaks spanish and she is exploring and trying to save the world in her own little way ahha. Anyway :) So yes we moved..... into an Elder apartment.... its gross. hahha Bless their hearts they are so awesome and they told us they kept it clean and asked us afterwards if it was clean enough and what they could do better! and we told them it was perfectly fine :) Which it was! Just a little different than how we would have it so we did A LOT OF CLEANING and rearranging and decluttering and all that fun stuff. I felt like my lungs were full of dust and the bathroom is not quite there yet but it is on its way!! It really is a beautiful apartment though! 
ok now enough of that this isnt even important haha but yeah sooo... this week! :) 

Well... I don't know where to start ahha life here is so amazing. I have had some beautiful days and great spiritual experiences! We visited a lot of families and it is so great to be in homes and feel the spirit as we all talk about the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ!
      One of the families that I absolutely love la familia Ojeda. We have been visiting them a lot and they are wonderful! A friend of their's lives with them his name is Luis and he is so amazing! Hermana Mcleary and Hermana Rowe taught him and he got baptized in December! He is trying to go to the temple in the next two weeks before Hermana Rowe goes home. He has such an incredible testimony. He seems as though he has been a member forever! It is really incredible! Their family is so fun I love them! and I love their spanish! They are from Puerto Rico!
       Another family that I love! The Toro's we went to their house on Sunday and we ate the yummiest food and pina coladas! and they have the funniest love story hahah I love it! They are so so so so so awesome as well!!
      Another family that I LOVE!!!! The Escobar's! They are the best!!! O my goodness. They are so amazing. They are so strong in the church. They are such wonderful examples. Hermano came with us to a lesson during the week and it was amazing! Then on Sunday they asked if we could go to the museum on Monday with them! IT WAS THE BEST PDAY EVER!!!!! It was so fun. I adore their family!! They have the cutest little girls! Their two oldest kind of have the same complection as Kam and Cass and it was so sweet to be with them because I miss the Burch family! haha I love them they are so awesome. 
I loved the museum and I love hermana! She is such a hoot. She is so sweet and so hilarious and super laid back. We were laughing the whole time! It was so cool! We saw HUGE DINOSOURS! THEIR REAL FOSSILS!! and we saw old mummies and incredible things!!! That relate to the bible!!! and the Book of Mormon and we saw PETRIFIED WOOD!! It is sooooo beautiful!! ahhhhhh!!! anyway. It was a great day to say the least! ahha

     I just love all of the families here and I don't have enough time to write about anymore! But the people in this ward are so awesome and welcoming!  Sunday a family we have been visiting that I love so much came to church! It was so great! I love them and we are going to share the Plan of  Salvation with hermana when we go over next I think :) I want the people in this area of Canyon Lakes to have the truth that I have! The truth that God is waiting to give all of us! It is such a beautiful thing that we can continually learn truth throughout our whole lives! 

I love this gospel! I know that prayer is SO REAL. God answers when it is right. 
I love this church so much.
I love my savior so much I will never be able to count all my blessings. 
I love my campanion! 
I love spanish! 
I love the sky! 
I love My God and I love My World that he has created!
Love you all so so very much!
Hermana Koch!
This is the only picture that would let me download this week. Bummer. 

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