Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So this week we caught Hermana Koch on line for the first time so we actually spent most of our time emailing silly things and pictures back and forth so her time was up before she could write a real email. It was worth it though. It feels like she is right there and not so far away.


I love this map! So glad she got to go up to the MTC for a picture.

Ok this is the big email!! haha sorry I'm getting ready to head out on wednesday!! I cant believe I am leaving already!! I am so excited!! this week was full of tons of spiritual stuff! I wish I had time to write!!! 
I miss you all and I hope all is well!!

Seeing friends at the MTC and the Marriott Center
Elder Kendall Vance
Elder Travis Bloomfield
Elder Zane 

 And...saying goodbye to besties is so hard!
Love you Sister Christensen, see you in 16 1/2 months.

 and now for  a few of the pictures that we sent for fun...

 Celebrating Amanda's bday with a tea party brunch
 Missed you at the 4th of July Oakley Rodeo! Check out the photo bombers in the back.
Funny Grandma!
 Lizzie wanted an updated picture of her sisters new baby on the way!

Daddy gave me beautiful flowers for our 29th Wedding anniversary July 11. 
Sunflowers are Lizzie's favorites. She ends her letters to me with 
"Love you more than a millions Sun Flowers"
and this one from Lizzie to Kati as a funny reminder or Taylor Lark when he went on his mission with a missing front tooth too.

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