Monday, July 22, 2013

MTC July 4th

Ok SOOOOO my week was crazy!! It was full of so many experiences that I dont know if I am going to have time to share!!! But first cool thing! Martin (new person she is teaching) committed to baptism for this month!!! I can't believe it :) he was all well I don't think I'll be ready and we were all well that's what we are here for!! haha he's awesome :) 
ummm ok so this is the really cool part.... So the other day we went to TRC where you teach people from the outside world, and they are members... however, when we went down to teach them, the teacher in charge came out and told our district and teacher, I just want you all to know that one of the members brought a real investigator with them.... and 
I was like uh uh no way... hahaha and so my teacher was like well I am not going to pick, is there anyone who wants to volunteer? and Elder Riddle and Dutson said they would and they were all amped and freaked out haha so we all departed.... and they went into room A in one building and then we went in A in the other one and we all dispersed into our lessons.... 
Well I'm sure you've already guessed what happened.. haha well we accidentally got the INVESTIGATOR!!! we walked in and it was a man and a woman and we were just chatting and talking to see how they were doing and somehow it came out that she was catholic... and for some reason it didn't occur to me that there had been a mix up. I was just like oh that's cool!! and we started the lesson and it was the most amazing experience EVER. The second we started teaching I had this feeling to open to 2 Nephi 32: 3 and it was perfect! We read it and bore our testimonies and had a whole lesson on feeling the spirit and getting answers to your prayers through the Book of Mormon and it was so spiritual.... that was the first time that I had an actual PROMPTING during my testimony. I always feel the spirit but this time I KNEW that I needed to say that this is the ONLY true church on the earth. It was an amazing experience, the spirit was like nobody's business. It was different than anything I have ever felt, I could truly feel how much god loves his children and how he won't let a missionary ruin their chances of coming unto christ. 
In the beginning they had said that she was going to start reading the Book of Mormon when she gets home to panama, and for some reason I just went with it... haha but in my comps head she was like... why not now? hahha so she committed to start reading and praying every night starting that night!! It went so well and her comments back were that she wants to get inspiration from the spirit and she now will read the mormon book. Seriously SO cool. When we came out I looked up at my teacher and he was like..... lo siento!! hahah he found out half way through our lesson! hahaha anyways, he says nothing happens on accident. And I know that is true, especially because without knowing the other one was doing it Hermana Spendlove and I both were praying the night before for specific things and both of us had great experiences and I got my answer to my prayer DURING the lesson and got to tell them about that... anyways I have to go but I love you all and that was seriously so exciting!! I cant WAIT until I to get to go out into the field!! It's like a week and a half!! ahhh o my or less!! I am so happy!! this is the lords true work and he loves all his children!!! Dios nos ama!!! I love you all!!! peace and blessins
hermana koch!
Friends in the MTC

I'm guessing it was Haley's PDay
 Sister Montana Brian: Seattle Washington Mission

Fireworks from the Stadium of Fire on the 4th of July!

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