Monday, July 22, 2013

MTC June 27, 2013

Silly Girl didn't want or have time to write everything she wanted to so she took pictures of her journal and sent them. 

       My week was a roller coaster of emotions as usual but SOOOO GREAT!!! :) I am going to start with the most important part of my week which was one of my lessons with Guillermo... but I am going to straight up just type it up from my journal haha. Oh also!!! THE TUESDAY DEVO SPEAKER WAS JANICE KAPP PERRY!!! MADE. MY. LIFE. I love that women.... and her husband... he totally smooched her on stage like twice and I was like this has gotta be the greatest thing I've seen. Old love... gotta love it. If I have time I'll write more about that haha. OH! alsooooo I get to volleyball everyday in gym and it is the greatest thing of my life!!! Though its really more like just hit it over the net somehow and not follow any rules because no one knows how to play hahaha but recently we got more people who know how... but heavenly father has defs blessed me... like mysteriously out of no where I developed this killer serve. No joke I'm not even going to be humble. I'm pretty sure it's because He wants me to be able to let out some steam and stress through getting to hit the ball and let me tell ya there is nothing more amazing than that.... besides you know helping others come unto Christ.... ummmm ALSO I SAT RIGHT NEXT TO RILEY AT THE MASSIVE WORLD WIDE BROADCAST!!! I just love her guts she's such a good sight to see. ummm also shout out to HALEY DU!!! I just met a sister going to Finland who I absolutely adore because she kills it in volleyball... well I mean that's not why I adore her but I do adore that ABOUT her... let's be honest that gives her brownie points.... but she went to Olympus! and I was like SAY WHAT?! Do you know my cousin Haley Hilton and she's like OOOO MY GOSHH I absolutely love her! She is the cutest thing ever. And I am like well yep we are talking about the same person because I totally would describe her in the same way hahaha. anyways hay her name is Victoria Vincent. :) also the past two weeks I have gotten to host! (meaning she gets to welcome the new missionaries into the MTC when they are dropped off) so I get to bring the new sisters in and hug them and take them to their rooms and it's a high light for sure :) I love it :) they are all so cute! and my same age so I don't know why I am talking about them like they are 10 haha sorry.  UMMM IAN!!! guess what!! I found someone with two arm creases!!!! an elder in my district. He is the coolest kid!! I'll tell you about his inspirational story later :) just thought you'd like to know you aren't the only alien God created ;) ok so the big stuff... my lesson con Guillermo!
"I came into my bedroom and remembered that I had forgotten to read my note/letter from my family..." wait this is going to take to long I'll send you a picture of it in my journal hahha.

So in addition to those pictures/ my journal entry which I hope you can read... it was an AMAZING experience.... I have never wanted to go out into the field so bad before, I love my purpose and there is nothing more amazing than feeling like I have helped in drawing people closer to christ :) I love this work and I cannot wait to get out into the field!! I know the gift of tongues is real and I know my purpose :) I love you all!!! Have a great week!!!

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