Monday, October 14, 2013

A few answers to some questions about Lizzie's mission.

A short letter and response to some questions I had about her mission that she eventually answered a little while ago.

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for the wonderful insights!! You are such an amazing woman I don't know how I got so lucky to have you as a mom! I read my patriachal blessing and how it says my first blessing was you and dad and I know that with all my heart. I would not be where I am if you hadn't raised me to be the young woman that I am. I am so incredibly thankful for that. I have been struggling a little bit because its been really hard for me to cope with the type of life style people have here and how they treat their children, I guess its different from the sheltered life I have lived haha but all is well :) I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE HAVING DINNER WITH BISHOP MARIN!!! HE IS QUITE POSSIBLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER!!! Yes we spend tons of time with the Marin's :) we usually do laundry and email at their house :) and we love them to death! They are english, his family doesn't speak spanish but he is mexican, he grew up in Mexico so he speaks spanish and stuff, and then he went to France on his misison! cool right?! and we love them so much :) They have us over for dinner all the time, he is the best. He takes care of us and loves us so much. He's very logical like dad and loving like dad, he's the same type of bishop and he's super relaxed and funny :)

My schedule:

6:30 wake up and excersize :)
7:00 shower and get ready
8:00 personal study!
9:00 comp study!
10:00 infield training!
11:00 language!
12:00-8:45 proselyting :) knocking, service, or citas :)

I love and miss you everyday and I can't wait to see you again! hna B and I were talking about randomly the first things we were going to do when we get home (dont worry we dont usually think about this we are very consentrated and aren't ready to leave haha) but we were saying sleep for like a day.... and she said that, and I said, curl up in my moms bed with her, sleep for a day and then when I wake up watch First Daughter with her :) ahha get ready for that!!! I love you!!!

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