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June 16, 2014 Conroe: Hola! Happy Fathers Day and Happy Birthday Mommy!

Hermana Lizzie, Hermana Buno and Pres Pingree. 
(I don't know the others at this point)

Hola Hola everybody!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN A MILLION SUNFLOWERS!!!!! YOU'RE SUCH AN ANGEL!!! I hope it's the best day ever!!!! Also Happy Birthday to Jake!! It's his birthday also! oh or Elder Agle haha
This week was wonderful! But when I go to email I ALWAYS seem to forget what happened ahha so I took mom's advice and decided to just write down some things from each day!


    Well monday is P-day as you all know! So we start proselyting at 6 pm! But early during the day things were hectic I don't know why and so we didn't get to do our shopping until last minute at like 5 pm! But we now know why! God planned it that way! As we were running out paying as fast as we can so we could start proselyting on time and as I was paying I noticed that this young man next to me getting ready to pay was standing oftly close to me and he kept looking at me and I was like what is going on! This is wierder than the usual, I'm a missionary and people stare at me moments! haha So we got all of our stuff and we were about to walk away and we decided to give him and the cash register lovely lady pass along cards! And he said actually I have a question for you! And we said ok! So he paid and then asked us if we had a Book of Mormon! We pretty much died and told him we do in the car so he awkwardly followed us out and we tried to talk to him! Long story short his family investigated the church when he was like 11 and he wants to read the  Book of Mormon and study it but he didn't want us to have any of his information! ahha But it was cool! Somebody really wanted to read the beautiful, wonderful, incredible, miraculous Book of Mormon!!!
    We had a YSA, FHE later and Jose came!! We shared a message about the commandments and it was awesome!! We passed out cards with a commandment and scripture on it and then they had teams and had to talk about it to everyone and it was great! We had to think of a creative way to help Jose learn about the commandments before his baptism!


     We had an amazing lesson with Paula led by the spirit! We went over and Mauricio wasn't home yet but we got to go in and sit by Paula and talk to her and she was laughing and smiling as usual and her mom had to cook so it was mostly just us with her and we got to communicate with her!!!! She just wiggles her pointer finger for yes and then no the two fingers and it's so awesome! We had some feelings that she had some questions about baptism so we decided to ask her! We asked her if she had some questions for us and she fingered yes! And then we said ok we will try to follow the spirit to figure out what it is! And we were guided and knew what questions to ask!! It was incredible! 
And she still wants to be baptized! Sadly we haven't caught Mauricio home for a while and so he is kind of pushing away so everyone keep them in your prayers! PAULA IS STARTING TO SAY A COUPLE WORDS!! its amazing. :) 
     We had a lesson with Jose about some commandments and it was really awesome he has such a sweet spirit! He wasn't exactly ready to step into the waters of baptism so he wasn't baptized on Friday! But we are still teaching him and helping him so it's still all 
happy :) Pray for him too!


     We went on exchanges! I went with the sister training leader to their area and it was wonderful! I got to be with her on her last exchange! She is so darling and humble! I got to testify so much all day and it really strengthened my testimony! I love the gospel and I know that we have the only true church of Jesus Christ! The son of God! Testify to someone at least twice this week so you can feel the spirit and so can they!


     We had a wonderful sweet lesson with Jenni!! We taught her about faith and we used Alma 32 to talk about our faith isn't perfect but we can grow it!! We brought a little target 1$ sun flower thingy and planted it with her! She was so happy and so cute! She ended the lesson with such a beautiful sweet sincere prayer and asking Heavenly Father to help her grow her faith using the same imagery and wording that the scriptures do in Spanish! She wanted us to come back the next night when we asked her when we could come back!


     We had an awesome specialized training about the restoration! President Pingree had some discussions with us and it was wonderful!! I felt the spirit so strong testifying to me that I knew the Restoration is true!! I know that through Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ restored His gospel on the earth!! I will write more about this at the end! 
      We ate dinner with the AMAZING Barrera family whom we love soooo much!!!! And shared a message with them about Christ. My heart was so touched when we started talking about what Jesus did for us, and the humble birth, family, and stable he was born into. It really makes you think about all the people around you, that what you have material wise doesn't mean anything. Jesus Christ came to this earth in the most humble circumstances and blessed us all and saved us. What a beautiful thought. 
      We had another lesson with Jenni!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! we taught her about repentance! The spirit was so sweet as she poured her heart out to us and told us all about her hard life! She has already been repenting her whole life, with all the steps, without even knowing it! She is so incredible, humble, and prepared. I love her so much, she shared some deep things with us and as I was listening I was just filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father that He gave me this opportunity. It really set in and my eyes filled up with tears when I realized I have less than 6 months to do this. The Lord is so good. He has truly given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for which is to be in someone's home and listen to them as a representative of Jesus Christ. At the end she thanked us for just listening to her because she has no one else to talk to like that. We explained to her that she can speak with her Father in Heaven like that and she then offered the most beautiful touching prayer of hope about her family having a better life that she knows God has prepared for them. UGH! I JUST LOVE HER!!! So incredible. The gospel is such and incredible, incredible reality that we have.


      SUCH A SLOW DAY!! It is summer, it is hot and no one is home haha nothing was really happening and we both felt like we should make cupcakes to bring to a baby shower for a cute girl who isn't very active and we went and when we got there she was so happy that we made them because she didn't have any and she had bought a cute cupcake holder and forgot!! Hermana Buno and I just looked at each other shocked at how soft and tender the spirit is that He would prompt us to go home and make those for her! 
       Right after that we took Kayleigh, she's the cutest, one of our friends, she's white, from Utah, served her mission in Honduras, she's 24, just married a honduranian and they are in our ward and she is pregnant! She always goes out with us! Anyway Hermana Buno and I were both prompted to go visit an investigator who we KNEW WASN'T GOING TO BE HOME because he is on vacation but we both felt it so we decided that we were just going to do it and bring Kayleigh. Well we walk up to his apartment and there are two young men standing above us at their apartment and we just started talking to them! Turns out one of them had heard a lot about our church! And had questions! So we went up there and taught them a really powerful restoration lesson! They are both so interested and have real intent! They took the Book of Mormon and are reading and praying! And they want to come to young single adult activities! IT WAS SUCH A MIRACLE!!! Kayleigh was so happy and on a spiritual high and we were just in awe that that had just happened! Lesson learned!! ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT!!!


      We ate dinner with the Barrera's!! They are so wonderful!! There was some more cream face smashing. ahaha I love them so much they just make this mission so wonderful!  
      Then the Ardmore's (the senior couple in our ward) invited us over for their special Father's Day dinner as well and we had roast!!!!! THEY ARE THE FUNNIEST!!! THEY CRACK ME UP SO HARD I WASN'T BREATHING!! We were laughing so hard I was silent... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Them and the Barrera's do that for me ahhah. Elder Ardmore has a phone that records him and them types it in a message and lets just say it needs hearing aids because it types things out terribly wrong!!! haahahha

As you can tell this week was full and so happy! We have the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have EVER REASON TO BE HAPPY!!!!!!! Because of the Priesthood that the worthy men in our church hold that was directly passed down to them through Jesus Christ, we have the saving ordinances here on earth and as it says in Matthew18:18 only with this power can these ordinances be sealed in Heaven and on earth!!! 

I love you all so much! This is the true church and if you are doubting it, ask God. He will tell you!
Love you all!
Hermana Koch

The Ardmores

 Photo's from the Texas Houston Mission Blog from the specialized mission training this week.

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