Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning!

hola hola hola milagros milagros milagros!!! 

This week was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably not more wonderful than any other week :) haha but my outlook is just changing! I don't know what got into me but I just feel like a bubbling fountain that spills out happy bubble blessings of truth and peace! I should get started right away because I feel like lots of things happened this week!!

- Zone activity at a park that was like an hour away from us and 5 minutes from others ahahha it was funny but it's whatever! We had just the amount of time we needed to be there! We played soccer and volleyball and it was lovely!...... NOT TO MENTION SO HOT. But that's besides the point :) Lucky for me I looked just gorgeous because I was given my dad's sweat glands and was dripping wet :) 

- Then our ward had a Father's day party that was at another park where we played MORE SOCCER and it was awesome. Still recovering a little from the heat stroke though so every time I exerted a lot of energy I thought I was going to throw up! But Jose was there so that was awesome! 

- We had an amazing lesson with Jose! We talked to him about how his baptismal date was kind of rushed and he was feeling like he couldn't learn everything fast enough! So we talked about it and he picked a new date!!! July 26th! yay!!! Pray for him! He has such a sweet spirit! We shared with him John 8:12 :)

- Kayleigh came out with us and we tried a bunch of people on the ward list! We only talked to one person and she was 18 and the daughter of a less active member! She is awesome! We are hoping to be able to teach her whole family! las familias pueden ser eternas!!!! Then we were having luck and our dinner appointment canceled I think and so we went with Kayleigh to Texas Road House and had a wonderful dinner :) 
- We later had an amazing lesson with Jose! and Hno Vasquez (our ward mission leader who is the nicest humblest and greatest guy who is 32 and not married! Crazy people!) came with us! We shared the message of the restoration again and Hno Vasquez shared how he came to know it was true when he was investigating and when he was done we asked Jose how he knows it's true and he said that he had the same experience as Hno Vasquez and feeling the spirit at church! He is so aweosme! He reads and prays every night! What an example!
- Then we had an AMAZING LESSON WITH JENNI!!! I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!!! SHE IS PROGRESSING SOOO MUCH! She just seems happier :) We taught her about a specific commandment and she was so darling and felt the spirit so strong. She is so humble and repentant and really wants to do what's best for her children and family! :) The spirit was so strong! and she is really looking forward to baptism someday!

- Not much happened. We had a long session of weekly planning to prepare ourselves for the next week. It really is so stress relieving and allows you to feel the spirit directing you so strongly when you plan things out! (I feel like mom! haha) Cool story we plan who we are going to visit the next week that we know of and we planned a less active family that we were going to visit that night! So we penciled them in for the day we felt we needed to visit them during the next week, and when we visited them that night we asked them which day would be best for us to come back the next week and she said TUESDAY!!!! THE DAY WE HAD ALREADY PLANNED!!! inspired planning :) Lovely!... "isn't it just... tootitloo" 
- We later went out to the boonies to contact potential friends who might be interested in the church! That live right aross from some members! He came out and he talked to us for like 2 hours it was awesome!! He talked to us forever about snakes and scared me to death ahaha and then he talked about his life and finding God and he said that he and his family would be willing to listen to the gospel! We left him with a prayer. 

- We went and saw Paula!!! During the day Mauricio isn't home and he hasn't really been accepting us lately and so we went to visit Paula to answer more of her questions and bring her peace! We had a BEAUTIFUL! lesson and read with her 3 Nefi 17 about christ healing the people, it was so wonderful. We planned to read 3 Nefi 11 oh woops. sorry 3 Nephi 11 with her when we planned but as we were there reading with her about healing was what the spirit was saying.. I couldn't really tell hermana Buno, but she by accident flipped to it and thought she was in 3 Nephi 11 and we read out of 17 instead! It was so cool! She just gets me that hermana Buno. The spirit always prompts us the same things in our lessons haha. It was glorious. Paula paid more attention than she ever has. What makes me sad is when people think that when trials come people think that the person in the trial is being punished for something they have done. THAT IS NOT TRUE. That is not true and it hurts me to think someone would believe that a loving Heavenly Father would do that. Yes we have consequences, but trials come for our benefit. He gives us road blocks to exercise us and give us strength and get us to where we need to be. 

- We ate dinner at Kayleigh's casa and she made chicken enchiladas like almost the same as moms!!! SOOO YUMMY!!! 
- A lesson with Jenni!!!!! We watched The Testiment with her, the movie that takes place in the Book of Mormon times. haha It was awesome and she loved it! She's so cute! She asked us to come back the next day to do service with her!

- We went and served Jenni after doing some less active knocking! We helped her and then a MIRACLE HAPPEN!!!!! During the week I found a quote in preach my gospel about families and decided to make them cute and write them all cute on pieces of paper and laminate them and then hermana Buno glued magnets on the back! So we made these cute quotes for Jenni and someone else! and so we made them and thought, ok well let's have a peaceful reminder lesson of the importance of the gospel blessing our families. Well by MIRACLE, JENNI'S HUSBAND WAS HOME!!!! 

And so we invited him to listen!! He was originally investigating and that is how we found Jenni. They have had a few sets of missionaries teach them and at one point he had a baptismal date! We testified to them and talked to them about the importance of families and having the gospel in our families and he was so interested, you could see it in his eyes and Jenni looked like her eyes were watering. It was awesome and we asked him if he would be home during the week and we could visit them both! They said yes so we are on Tuesday! Pray that the spirit will guide us and touch their hearts!! It was awesome!

- We had another lesson with Francisco! He had read the pamphlet about the restoration and had some questions! We talked to him alll about authority! It was good. The spirit wasn't very strong for some reason and so it didn't go super well but he said he wanted to come to church and try it all out to see if it was true. He really was interested when we introduced the plan of salvation to him. He wants to know why we are here on this earth! We told him that the plan of salvation answers the questions, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going and he said why are we here?! So we told him a little :) 

- Meetings and church and wonderful taking the sacrament. FRANCISCO ACTUALLY CAME!!! IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!! I didn't really get to talk to him much because he left early and Hna Buno and I had to split with hnas so that she could be in gospel principles with him and I could teach the youth Sunday school class and he is a little quiet.
- We went to the Barrera's for Sunday dinner!! I just love them so much! They are so loving and welcoming and do everything for us. I love being with them and spending time with them!
- AMAZING LESSON WITH THE BONILLAS!!! Hermano was there and had us come in and we talked about everything!!! Trials and hardships!!!! He told us that "we were chosen to be doctor's of the soul" soooo tender. We talked to them about the importance in reading the scriptures everyday and how it allows the spirit to give us peace in our lives and heal us. Mauricio asked Paula if she wanted to get baptized and she said "I" over and over again and wiggled her finger yes and smiled! I LOVE HER SHE IS SOOOO STRONG!!!!!! They are so going to get there. We have a lesson with them for Tuesday to talk about the legistics and how she can be baptized!! She is nervous but still wants it!! yay!!!!! :) 

- We then had another miracle and were lead right to a house to knock and found a mom and son, and this mom is the sister of a member in our ward and used to come to church for a little and stopped because she was working! :) They want to know more and asked us to come back tonight!!! Like today is Monday and we are going back tonight! haha :) Sooo excited. They are awesome! It makes me so happy to share the message of the restored gospel!!

WE HAVE THE RESTORED GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!! His perfect church in on the earth today! God's power is restored on the earth and it is called the priesthood! We need it to seal our ordinances on earth AND IN HEAVEN!!! None of this till death do we part stuff. This is eternity my friends. If you want your best friends and neighbors with you in the Celestial Kingdom. Share with them the sacred truths that we have!! They have families and the same desires you do! Peace, happiness, and to be together forever. 

-We ended the night with some promptings of the spirit guiding us so that we could be safe as it was getting dark and we were finishing tracting. We truly recognized angels protecting us and the spirit guiding us and warning us :) What a beautiful blessing and protection! 

I love this gospel. As you can tell my days are full! And sometimes we forget to look at the miracles! I invite (so missionary of me hehe) you all to write down the little missionary experiences you have each day so you can see God working through you! It is really uplifting and even though it takes me forever to write this and no one probably reads it because it is sooo long ahhaha I am being blessed! Because I know Jan Jan loves it and I can see the success I have had in helping other's come unto Christ and choose His path! It's wonderful!!

I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that this IS the work of salvation. To bring souls back to Him. What an honor it is for us as Latter- Day Saints to remember our covenants  as we re-commit to remember Him each week in sacrament meeting by partaking of the sacrament. We are ALL His disciples. He loves us AND NEEDS us, every one of us, to fight this battle against Satan. Satan wants to pull people into darkness and with some people he is surrounding them in darkness! What a beautiful gift that we can be a source of light to them and pull them out. The Savior's team is our team. We are on that team. Are we going to sit on the bench or playing in the game! The number of players on the field isn't set. It's our choice. We need as many players as we can! I love my Savior and I am trying my hardest to become more like Him and help other's! I love you all!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU fam bam for wanting to study Preach my Gospel! I am so excited to be on the same study plan as you!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! BESITOS!!!

Hermana Koch


PSS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOOKIE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE IT UP POOKIE. be expecting a card….

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