Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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This week was great!! I, like usual, these days have like no time but I love you all and I miss you!!! I hope everyone is well!! We had a great week. We don't have a lot of people progressing right now because we are still finding a lot and teaching a lot of people the restoration! It is so awesome!! We are meeting so many new people!!! Mauricio and Paula didn't come to church this week :( so we are going to push their baptism back a little bit but it's ok, everything happens for a reason. I love you all. I hope that everyone is well and happy!!! 

This is the second to last week of this transfer!!!!! THAT MEANS IN TWO WEEKS MY SECOND TO LAST TRANSFER STARTS!!!!! THAT IS INSANE!!! I can't believe... and thus I won't! hahaha 

We had our first exchanges this week and we had 2 of them!!! Hermana Coronado, hermana knappen's companion came with me first and then later in the week Hermana Miller! It was so fun and I am learning so much! I love getting to be with the hermanas and help them reach their goals! It's awesome hahah I'm pretty sure I am learning way more than they are from all of them! It's so fun :) I love it! This week coming up should be busy! Tonight I have an exchange with hermana Knappen and then we have zone conference this week yayyyy!!! :)
This week we ran into a sign that says, "The fastest way to talk to God is pray, but tresspassing on this property is faster".... it was pretty scarey hahaha oh well :) We have found a few new.. well a lot of new people to teach this week so next week we will see if they are going to want to listen more!! yayy :) 

This is the miracle I shared with the mission president: 

Tuvimos muchos milagros la semana pasada! Pero me gustaria compartir el de una mujer se llama maria! Ella era una referencia de otros misionaros! y la primera vez que tocamos en su puerta no contesto pero fuimos otra vez! y ella estuvo, nos dejo pasar y tuvimos una leccion muy especial, solo preguntabamos preguntas y ella compartio su testimonio con nosotras, compartimos un mensage sobre los mandamientos y ella hablaba de la culpa que siente porque sabe que esta pecando en algunas maneras, hablamos con ella sobre el libro de mormon y que es y fijamos una cita con ella para regresar, antes que salimos preguntamos si ella conoce alguien quien podria beneficiar de este mensage y nos dijo que queria que visitamos sus hermanos!!! Y tenemos una cita para ir con ella! Ya somos muy amigas. Entonces fuimos otra vez durante la semana y ella leyo el capitulo que le dimos a ella para leer sobre jesucristo visitando las americas y tambien leyo mucho mas adelante en 3 nefi!!!! estuvimos bien soprendidas! :D y intentamos a ensenarla como "master teaching" y la leccion sobre la restauracion fue algo muy diferente y maravillosa. Ella compartio su testimonio con nosotras sobre el amor que Dios tiene para nosotros entonces tiene sentido que las personas en las americas tienen registros tambien. Me gusto mucho la leccion con ella y siento muy bendecida. yo se que cuando contactamos las referencias que recicbimos imediatamente y cuando nos esforsamos ensenar como Jesucristo, las lecciones son lecciones cuando todos aprendan y entiendan lo que necesitan.

I am adding this to my email because it's my testimony of the week! We had a lot of people trying to convince us of different things this week and I am so glad I am where I am. 

Ok I'm so sorry I didn't reply to this last week (family study of Preach My Gospel) because I didn't have time :/ But I was really receiving the same revelation as Tommy and Amanda. I really hadn't even thought about how the root of all sadness in my opinion is the destorted and corrupt view people have of the nature of God. What we believe to be so simple and understandable, that God is our Father, that He has a body, and that Jesus Christ is our brother and He Himself has a seperate body from God is sooooooooo hard for people to believe. People are so set in their ways and their interpretation of the bible that they close their hearts and don't allow themselves to feel the spirit, touch their spirit, to tell them that they are children of God (Romans 8:16). I feel like such a crucial part of being able to understand if a portion of the love that God has for us is being able to understand that He sent His son to atone for our sins and provide us with a way to return to our eternal home in Heaven. 
I went on exchanges this week and I was with Hermana Miller who came out with me and we got into talking about going home soon and how we don't want to be one of those missionaries in hysterics. That we are going to be happy that we completed what the Lord asks and now we are going back to the greatest gift God has given us which is our families founded in the gospel. She said that someone once said to her that in this life sometimes we feel really sad and lonely and we don't know why. But it's because our spirits miss our heavenly home and we miss our Heavenly Family, when we were all together. That's why I'm here. To make sure that I can help as many of my brothers and sisters get back so that they don't have to feel home sick for those they love for eternity. 
Homesickness is a horrible feeling really ;) hahaha I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 
I know that the gospel was restored by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith! and I know that that was necessary because there was an apostasy! But God loves us and ALWAYS calls prophets to direct us. Oh how grateful I am for Thomas S. Monson!



PS: I'M REALLY SORRY but this computer is not my friend today and won't send any of the pictures that I am trying to send... so I don't know which one you are getting... I'll try again next week. love you

This was sent from Hermano Barrera this week on Pday!

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