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Aug 25, 2014: Conroe: A WONDERFUL WEEK!

 In action shot for you mom... we made a pitbull friend!


Sorry we don't have like anytime because we are going to the HUGE WOODLANDS MALL WITH THE BARRERAS!!! Sooo excited!! this week was wonderful!!!
We had zone conference all about teaching like the Master and then we went and did baptisms with TERE!! WHO I LOVE SO MUCH!! :) We taught so many wonderful people!!! (underneath is a teaching miracle I shared with the Mission President, poorly written because I have no time).

AND I WENT ON EXCHANGES WITH HERMANA KNAPPEN!!! And we made tortillas with one of our friends Vilma that we are teaching and I love her so much!!!!

Tuvimos la oportunidad a contactar una referencia y ensenarla! Se llama Marcie y tambien su hermana michelle estuvo alla. A penas sentamos y ella nos dijo, tengo el mismo libro y se fue a traer su libro de mormon! hablamos y ella nos dijo que ha visitado nuestra iglesia con una mujer se llama sara! Sara es la investigadora de los elderes y la suegra de marcie! Y Marcie ha visto como el libro de mormon ha combiado la vida de sara entonces ya tenia un  testimonio del libro. La leccion fue increible y usamos Master Teaching. No pudia creer las cosas que dijieron ellas y lo que sentimos. Yo se que si no hubimos ensenado con Master Teaching nunca habriamos sabido lo que ellas ya sabrian! Wow. aprendemos muchas cosas y tuvimos una experiencia con la primera vision inexplicable. Ellas estaban sin palabras y dijieron que si saben que Jose Smith fue un profeta y nos prometimos que iban a leer y orar. Les invitamos ser bautizadas y la hermana menor dijo que si inmediatamente y Marci tiene algunas dudas porque has visto personas hacer eso y dispues caer y hablamos con ella mas sobre eso. Pero el espiritu fue increible y estoy muy agradecida que el nos acompanaba. Yo se que Dios los ama. cada hijo que tiene.

Translation by Kevin Hawkins again. Thanks Kev.
(We had the opportunity to contact one of our referrals and teach her! Her name is Marcie and her sister Michelle was there also.  We had barely sat down when she told us, "I have the same book," and she went and grabbed her Book of Mormon! She told us that she had visited our church with a lady named Sara, who is one of the Elder's investigators and she is Marcie's mother-in-law. She told us that she had seen how the Book of Mormon had changed Sara's life so she already had somewhat of a testimony of it. The lesson went incredibly well and we used "Master Teaching." I could not believe the things that they said to us and what we felt there. I know that if we had not taught with "Master Teaching," we never would have figured out how much they already knew! Wow. We learned so many things and we had an experience with the First Vision which was inexplicable. They were speechless for a minute and then told us that they believe that JOseph Smith was a Prophet and thye promised us that they would read and pray.  WE invited them to be baptized and the younger sister said yes almost immediately. Marci has a few doubts because she has seen people do this and later fall but we spoke to her more about it. But the Spirit was incredible and I am so grateful that He accompanied us. I know that God loves each and every child that He has.)

This work is so real and so true! My heart aches so deeply for these people! This week 2 misisonaries came home to their home ward (Conroe) and spoke and I was able to talk to them and people keep talking about how I am going home soon and my heart feels like a part of me is dying but I just push forward and don't think about it but I did cry a bit! Haha Anyway though, the Elder who came home, his name is David and he seems like a super cool person! We talked to him a bit and he gave me some really good ideas and ways to be a better missionary so I'm excited!! I love you all so much this church is so true. It is more and more aparent to me everyday!!!

DON'T BE SELFISH! Share it. "Are you going to rob them of their salvation"- Hno Glock

hermana Koch

Temple with Tere

 Tortillas with Vilma

 Exchanges with the wonderful Oakcrest hermanas and MY HERMANA KNAPPEN!!!!

From last week!

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