Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 17,2014: Conroe: Short update and more on Monday!

We did Gabby's hair and make up for prom! :)


   Sorry that this will be soooo short! But I don't have much time! As you know my Pday got switched and I got to go to the temple! IT WASSSSS BEAUTIFUL AS EVER!! Love it, and love being able to communicate with God! I hope everyone is doing well!!!!

I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!! soo soo much. 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week! I did! Underneath is my miracle to the president! I will write more on Monday on the happenings. We are already way into the week that I will talk about on Monday and I can't remember the last week very well at all ahhaha but that's ok life goes on!!! On Sunday though Hermano returned to church and he brought his nieces and one of them is named Jessica and sooo darling and she wants to get baptized!! So we get to teach her :) yayyy. So ya haha we had some miracles with that that I will share on Monday ahha. 

Pues muchas cosas buenas pasaron! Y tambien porque ya es viernes de la proxima semana, esta un poco dificil recordar todo... pero un milagro que me gusto mucho! Paso una tarde durante la semana pasada tuvimos muchas citas fijadas y no sabiamos que hacer porque necesitabamos ir por todos lados! entonces porque nuestros miembros siempre nos ayudan y siempre nos apoyan... fueron con nosotras para que podriamos hacer splits! Y VIMOS MILAGROS! y tambien pasamos un tiempo divertido. O tambien otra! Pusimos una meta con una de las hermanas de hablar con su amiga sobre nosotras visitandola y ella nos llamo bien emocionada y nos dijo que su amiga le dijo que si!!!! entonces fuimos a la casa con la hermana para visitar su amiga y fue una leccion increible estuvimos llorando y todas sintieron El Espiritu y su amiga nos invito otra vez!

I really just don't know what to say except that I absolutely love the people here. The moral of the story is to love where you are who you are and who you are with because that is what God wants. :) I love you all so very much and you all have had a wonderful impact on my life!! HUGS AND KISS TO LAST YOU TILL MONDAY!!!!

<3 con muchisimo amor,
Hermanita Koch

Ps: I have a goal to read El Libro de Mormon by December 31st and turns out David does too, so I'm racing him... not that reading the Book of Mormon should be a race, but it's motivation haha anyway MORAL OF THE STORY! WE ALL NEED TO HAVE A READING THE BOOK OF MORMON GOAL BECAUSE IT WILL BRING MORE BLESSINGS THAN ANYTHING ELSE! Let's be honest we all want those blessings. Love you :)

Hermana Barrera reading to her mom so she can hear, SO SWEET!

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