Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17: 2014: Woodlands Area: Another week

Fluffy pillows at Walmart..... there is a point you get to where sleep is just a distant dream and anything soft and fluffy has reached a whole new level of tempting. 

Hola buenas tardes,

    This week was wonderful :) I'm absolutely loving the Woodlands. The people here are fantastic and it is amazing to see how much more we can learn everyday! 

We see Cori y Noel everyday!!! WE LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!!! THEY ARE SO AMAZING!!! They truly are amazing people. I really really admire people who humble themselves and leave everything behind to follow God. They are so incredible and all that matters to them is the well being of their family! They tell us that they consider us their family and this week was soooo awesome because so many members came to visit them with us! Everyone loves them because they are so nice and happy :) 

On Monday we had a wonderful FHE with the bishop and his wife at their house and the bishops wife made us all dinner and we talked about the steps of the gospel!!! It was wonderful!!! You can feel the spirit sooooo strong in their house!! We love them!! We seriuosly do. They are from Argentina and so funny and so cool. Anyway.... but it was awesome!!! 

FRIDAY THEY (Cori and Noel) FINALLY GOT THEIR MARRIAGE LISENCE!!! YAYYAYYYY :)))))))) SO ON WEDNESDAY THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED AND WE ARE THEIR BRIDESMAIDS WOOOHOOO HAHHA :) We seriously love them. They keep saying they are going to come and visit me when I go home which I am not oposed to at all... I hope ya'll are ok with a bunch of people visitng at some point because I invite everyone haha :)

I love being a missionary. It is so wonderful and I really don't have any words to express it. But I do know that the atonement is real. And I will express that to the best of my ability. On my mission I have seen the most beautiful faces and eyes. And those are the ones who have become someone completely different than they used to be through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It changes us, refines us and gives us the strength to over come who we once were and change completely to be in the service of our God. The windows of our soul are our eyes. I love to look into peoples eyes and testify of our Savior and see their countenance change. I love the Gospel, their is no other way to happiness. I love you all so much and I hope you can feel the strengthening of your spirit as you study your scriptures every day and pray to our Father in Heaven. The only way to help people and to help them find happiness in this life is to show them the light in your eyes that you get through having a healthy spirit. 

Hermana Koch 

Ps: I'm really sorry I don't have any pictures of really anyone but my companion and I this week. I promise I'm not self absorbed haha it's just that I couldn't really get my camera out a lot and I'm really lazy, but you have my promise that I will have more next week ahhaa 

A very small fury friend.. this reminds me of ALL-Y pop 
bc we always took pictures of small animals haha

Hermana Hill adjusting to the cold hehehe

Loved finding this on FB the other day.
Once again, somemone got a hold of someones phone and had a good time. 
I found these on FB....I hope that's ok to steal!
Looks like it was a great day at the Temple back in Oct!

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