Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014: Woodland Area: The Last of Everything Starts...

Hellooooooooo out there!

This week was just wonderful you can guess why.... well for lots of reasons hahaha but Cory and Noel got married!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh and lots of other wonderful things. 

We had a zone conference all about the Plan of Salvation and it just strengthened my testimony ten fold and then we had lots of amazing lessons after that! The gospel is sooo true! We talked all about it and how sometimes if we have been members our whole lives we take this knowledge for granted because we don't realize that people don't know what we do! I love God's perfect plan and it just seems just so right, that He would give us a perfect road map, the gospel of Jesus Christ, a Prophet, His true church with real authority to help us get back to Him! AHHH so wonderful!!! I gave my last testimony. It was really sad and I cried pretty hard but I recorded it so you can hear it :) It's in english so no worries! This next Sunday is my last one and they are having me give a talk because it's a fifth Sunday so it's missionary work! Suuuuper excited haha :) 

Well you probably want to know... Cory and Noel got married!!! :) We went to the temple with them and took pictures before their wedding! :) It was so precious! We talked about marriage and how Christ talks about them becoming one flesh. They are so darling! Please pray for them! Cory is getting baptized on Friday and we are so happy! MY LAST FRIDAY in the mission!  We love their family sooo much! We are going over there on Thursday for Thanksgiving! And we are going to do that fun turkey activity that Le Anne sent me! :) So excited! They came to church on Sunday and loved it!! :)

(m) We had lots of miracles this week! Cory and Noel got married!! It was so beautiful and before we took pictures with them at the temple and taught them a lesson outside of it. It was such a miracle to talk to them about it and to hear them say that in a year they were going to be in their! Also after our amazing zone conference about the plan of salvation and after we increased our understanding of it we were able to teach someone and talk to them in depth about who they are and where they come from! He later responded that he was going to change and he came to church again this week. It's amazing me the things that people realize and connect with as they hear about true doctrine and their spirit recognizes it. When we help people really feel and understand that they are God's children, their lives change! I love the gospel and the perfect plan God made for us!

"Your trials are yours and mine are mine, but yours make you a stronger you and mine make me a stronger me. They fulfill their purpose when every night we all kneel down in unison to approach Diety." - Hermana Koch- 

This is a quote I made up and sent to Haley. haha it's not that impressive but I liked it. 


Hermana Koch 

Fountain outside of the temple.
They are hilarious, this is Cory trying to show him how to do it right. haha
The rings!! <3

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