Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Glufbank Aug 26,2013: Last week of the transfer!

#1 this week we met a nun and it was the coolest thing of my life and all I could think was 
"the sister and I have to speak of holy things"

Hola hola hola!
      Seriously though..... the time is flying by!! Does everyone else feel that way?!!! I am running out of time!!! ay! This week was good :) I have like 3 experiences I want to share!! A general scheme of things though. This week had a lovely dash of heat and a lovely sprinkle of humidity! Just dandy. It is cooling down though and I absolutely love it!! Still absolutely love my companions I'm going to cry if they get taken from me. We still have just the best of times together, full of giggle fits and fun lovin' gospel stuff... Last night I was waiting to go to the bathroom until after planning/also I was scared to go back there because it was dark and I didn't want to go by myself and hna Burnham pushed be down to the floor in the most loving way possible! and tickled me as hard as she could so that I would pee my pants and I think it was safe to say I was not breathing I was laughing so hard and shes really lucky she didn't have me standing up or it would have happened!! Oh I love her. And Hermana Parry just sat there and laughed at me as well and then freaked out when I told her that there was a hair ball (they accumulate all over the floor. gross. I don't even want to talk about it) was stuck to her skirt. I love them. I don't know what I would do with out them... idk probably wallow in self pity.

#1 Last Monday right after pday ended we went to a menos activos house. We went to visit Maria and her granddaughter opened the door. I had no idea who she was because I had never met her, but we walked in and I was ready to start talking to Maria. Well Hna B and I sat down at the couch and Hna Parry sat at the table and pretty soon Maria (the cutest old lady ever who is tiny and you definitely can't understand a lick of her Spanish) comes in and sits at the table with her and they start talking. So Hna B and I start talking to Marisol, she ended up telling us about a lot of hard things she is going through right now, and things that were making her harden her heart and change herself for different reasons and she was just having a tough time. She felt like she was completely alone even though she has a grandma that loves her but she just felt like Christ and our Father in Heaven weren't there. I was just listening and absorbing, and my heart was breaking inside and Hna B leans over and says, tell her about this and I said ok! and I ended up telling her a little bit about a similar situation I had been in and we ended up having a heart to heart and we sang to her Abide with me tis even tide and just talked about so many different things and she told us that she was just so hurt inside and that she felt like she couldn't pray. We were able to bare testimony to her that Heavenly Father loves us, that he will answer our prayers and that we are ALWAYS capable of praying. Its really hard to explain all of this, but I was able to help her because of similar trials I had gone through, at the end she said to me, God sent you to me, and she thanked me and even though she cried a lot in the lesson it was amazing because I could tell that they were tears that showed how much she needed to hear what we were saying. She asked me to say the prayer at the end and then she hugged me and squeezed my hand and then she told my companions thankyou for bringing her!! and it was just amazing. 
( I only am saying this because Hna B said I have to tell everyone the truth that she said it to me and say all the we's and be humble because it was a really cool experience) 
When we left I just started crying. I felt so much relief for the trials I've gone through because I knew if I hadn't, I wouldnt have been able to help her. I just coudn't believe it and I was so thankful and so happy and ugh I cant really even describe it. Hermana B put her arm around my shoulder and said, " remember how you said you came on a mission because you knew there were hearts you needed to heal? Well you can add one to your jar baby" and then I cried harder haha. 
Another amazing thing was that I was blessed from the situation and Hna Parry, when we got in the car said the cool part is, is that I think you got your answer, about something that I had a question about. I just love Heavenly Father, what a tender mercy for me, she didn't have to say any of those things, but Heavenly Father knew I needed to hear her say those nice things to me. I feel so blessed and know where I need to be. I just am gushing about this and don't know how to explain it but I hope it came out well :) I am so grateful for our trials because I know somewhere down the road they will help us help someone  else. I know that Heavenly Father welcomed her and rejoiced when she prayed to Him again! I was so grateful to feel of just a tiny bit! of His love for her!!! How great is my calling!!! AHHHHH I just love it!!!!

#2 ok last night we went to visit Hna P and B's old investigators and they have someone living with them who is SO cool! and has had a tough life and is a really really good person and he came out and talked with us and we had a little lesson and he is amazing!!! He just loves everything and he is so nice and he reads the Bible all the time and so we left at the end to grab him a Book of Mormon and when we came back he told us that Florencio(one of the investigators who is so amazing and sweet, I just love him he is so nice I cant get over it!) said as we were walking down the street, "Those are my angels" then he said ya like I totally realize that and compared us to a biblical reference that might be accidently sacreligious but was so kind for saying so and then he said that when he reads the Bible and prays to feel the spirit he gets chills when he feels It. He said that he was asleep when we came over and he woke up because he felt those same chills and then he heard our voices and came out. HOLY COW. HOW COOL. like wow. how special!!! that was just so amazing :) Heavenly Father loves us so much. He takes care of all His children! whether they think so or not!

#3 Well earlier in the day of yesterday I had gotten out of the car and realized that I had lost my ring!!! which I ABSOLUTELY ADORE!!!! (whom I aaaabsolutely adore... a movie quote that probably on colie will giggle over) and had just bought at the pulga!!! and I was devastated.... like you know Lizzie heart broken, like this is so dumb why are you crying type thing. But it just really hurt my heart. I literally searched all over the car and couldn't find it! I said a little prayer to let Heavenly Father know how heart broken I was and decided to just suck it up like usual and just accept that sometimes life is hard if you are so oblivious and loose things (lesson learned). So the night went on and I just you know, a couple times just wailed, "how could I have lost my ring!". Well it was time to go home and we got in the car after seeing Emilio (the above experience) and I was just you know ridin in the car and I SCRUNCHED MY TOES AND FELT SOMETHING IN MY SHOE!!!! I took my shoe off and couldn't even believe what happened... I FOUND MY RING. and then screemed something probably incoherent. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Heavenly Father loves me so much!!!! That was a miracle. Like it really was. What a testimony builder. Heavenly Father put my ring in my shoe!!!! I am so content and so happy and I just... im just... I don't even know! so full of love!!!! :)
Love you all!! the Church is true!! If you have faith in Him all things are possible. I love this gospel and I am just so happy to be on a mission!
Te amo,

#2 a nice and welcoming bench on the side of the road

#3 nice and creepy door decoration while tracting

#4 The lady's baptism we sang at :) so lovely!

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  1. I know Lizzie's MTC teacher, Brady Loy! His Dad was our Bishop in the Las Flores ward and just got released last Sunday. What a great compliment--"to be the best teacher he's ever seen!" Lizzie is so amazing! Love that girl.