Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little blurbs for Lizzie

Since this is a mission memorabilia blog for Lizzie, and we plan to make it into a book when she gets home, I thought it would be nice for her to hear some of the kind things that people have said to us as they have read and supported her with love, thougths and prayers throughout her mission.

For Lizzie:

My name is Brady Loy (Hno Loy), one of Hermana Koch's teachers at the MTC. Thanks for sending me her emails, I enjoy reading them. 
I was only able to teach her district for about 3 or 4 weeks because I went down to the MTC in Mexico City for a little bit, but in those weeks she grew a ton. She was the most powerful teacher I have ever seen in the MTC. She is going to bless the lives of a lot of people.

Hope you have a great week.


I love getting these. Her possitive attitude is contagious!    Katelyn Hunt

Oh I love her, she is so cute.      Janet Christenson

She is a doll! Loved her letter.  Thanks so much  Catherine

Hysterical!! Lol'ing like crazy over this one!! Liz Latin

I love Lizzie :) smiled all the way through this email! She's awesome! Danny Gessel

Love it!!  Keep me on the list please!!  Joelle 

I love her letters !!!
They brighten my day so much.
Isn't being on a mission and having a missionary out the greatest thing ever !!! Aunt Lori 

Oh my word!!! I cried through her whole email!  What amazing experiences she is having.  I'm so grateful she decided to go on a mission.  We all get to benefit from the sacrifices she is making and I miss having a missionary, as hard as it is for mothers, it is such a beautiful blessing at the same time.  

Thanks for sharing!

jana! thank you SO much for sending me this email!! i can't believe our baby busy bop is a missionary, and not just missionary, the best one. she was born for this. she has always had such a tender, compassionate soul and also has been so brave! i felt the Spirit so strongly and am so grateful that she shared those miracles. It strengthens my testimony even more and just makes me smile even broader and brighter! send her my love! i sure do love the koch family and am so grateful for each of you in my life.
sister hawkins

Dear Sister Koch:

My name is Catherine Burnham and I am Hermana Burnham’s mother.  I have seen your daughter’s blog – so wonderful.  I love the added information and insight into the mission. 

I am grateful for your “bubbly” daughter, as Alivia describes her.  It is such a tender mercy to see the happiness in Alivia’s eyes (and read her of her joy) as she serves with such powerful women.

Catherine Burnham

WOW! Can I just say again how much I love this girl! I am weeping after reading her email and seeing the pictures on her blog. She touches my heart. I love her! Thank you for sharing your sweet daughter with me. She's my favorite. :)
Kelly Andersen

I laugh and cry with her sweet stories! Our Beaner-Bop is awesome! XOXO Larie Roche

Dear Jana and Brent,

Thank you so much for this.  I feel so privileged to be "part of" Lizzie's mission. What a wonderful spirit!!!

Love, Roy E. Christensen

Seriously love love love her! What an incredible letter! What an incredible young woman!
Kevin and I have spend our FHE reading missionary emails. The best ever!!
Thanks so much for sharing!
Love you

Oh my this email made me cry (hey, that rhymes!). Lizzie looks so happy and doing such great work. She is amazing. I love how she loves her family!


That was amazing. What a sweet, funny, genuine girl. Her letter was such a treat. I love getting all the missionary emails weekly from so many of our soldiers. They are all so different. I can already tell hers will be one of my favorites to open!
Jenny Tucker

This e-mail is soooooo awesome !!! She sounds amazing. It made me happy to hear her cute personality enjoying this experience. 
Can't wait for her next letter. Aunt Lori

Finally we got a whole lot of great info from our missionary.What a spirit she has for the Lord's work. Wow-I dont' remember another early missionary with so much excitement. 
Love it, Gma and Gpa Hart

She's such a cute missionary! Love that she shares her talents too! Kim Messick

She sounds so awesome! Im so proud of her. The people down there are so blessed to have her. How do I raise Makenna to be like Lizzie? :) You've done a wonderful job. Love you.

Lauren Chamberlin

Thanks Jana. It funny how you can hear her voice when reading Lizzie's letters. This one really touched my heart. She is really working hard. She is such a wonderful missionary. Thanks for sharing her experience. 
Amy Jones 

Love that missionary!!! Shirley Nelson

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