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Gulfbank Aug 12, 2013: This weeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk

(Photo Cred Hna Burnham)

"Classic, I found a hair of hna b's on me,
 haha I'm so happy elder Cobabe got this picture hahaha" (Hna Koch)

Hola Hola!
        Ok so this week was actually a really awesome week and a really hard working week but during it, it literally felt like nothing was happening haha. So the whole week was great though!!! ummm I really don't know where to start haha it all blurs together!! ahhh I can't even believe last Monday was my two month mark!! It's going too fast!!! I don't even know Spanish yet!!!! haha but its ok I get by with Nacho Libre quotes ;) (Lizzie is a crack up)

Ok so we couldn't get a hold of Alex all week :( which is kind of a sad thing but we aren't losing hope!!! We pray for him and I worry a little about him since his dad just passed away, I think he's having a tough time with that and he works like three jobs for his family! He is so awesome! He's only 23! Oh and I forgot to tell you last week haha 

The reason that the title was something about unicorns is because Alex always compares us to unicorns. haha He is so unique I LOVE IT!!! He told us that we remind him of unicorns because it is so refreshing to see us and we have such a light about us and then the last lesson he told us again the reason we remind him of a unicorn is because he's like wow! they do exsist! Meaning people who follow their beliefs one hundred percent. :) He's so nice..... 

Also our appointment with Ana fell through :/ We went by the next day and she is seriously the sweetest thing, I could see her as a primary president! but she said they were over at a friends making tomales or something haha but she said she can't come to church this week because she has to work :/ but hopefully next week! and we set a cita with her or next Friday! So all is well right? haha. 

Saturday was BLAZING hot.... and we decided that we needed to share our talents so we went to the big Pulga (the Hispanic market) and sang. Yes.... we stood at an empty booth with tons of noise around us and like hip hop rap blaring two or three booths down hahha and sang hymns in Spanish with our Aldine Elders in our district.... it was SO fun.. At first we were like this is an awful idea... but we were like we are living the law of consecration! We are putting our faith in the lord! and we did it!! and it was awesome!! and people listened and we passed out like a million pass along cards. and the miracle of where we decided to stop to sing was that the booth next to us and across was a member. She was so sweet and she apparently was baptized in mexico and has never gone to church here since she moved... TWENTY years ago!!!!! So that was the blessing :) and Aldine got like 12 new contacts! :) It was super fun and we decided we are going to keep doing it!!

        Ok well the miracle of this week is that we decided since we hadn't heard from Alex this week that we were going to show up at his house before church and invite him in person :) So we showed up and his younger brother Omar who is 20, and his friend answered the door and we invited THEM!!  Omar was like, I actually was just thinking about church this morning that's weird! and we were like ya.... WEIRD. haha SO AWESOME!! and he was like actually ya! I wanna come why not! and we told them we were singing in sacrament meeting so they were like ok! we will come! Cuz they are in a band! haha a screamo band.... haha i love it. So Omar said he'd go wake up Alex and see if he wanted to go. Omar is just as sweet as Alex and we left and were like o my gosh! I think they are coming to church! So we got to church and our musical number wasn't really working out haha so we didn't know what to do!!! So Hna Parry and Burnham and I decided to do the version of Nearer My God to Thee that we sang at Zone conference A capella! Soooo sacrament started and no one was there that we had invited!! and then half way through the talk that was right before our number they, Omar and his friend showed up!!! So they sat with us and then we got up to sing... not going to lie it was a really cool experience!!! We sang A capella.... however a HUGE thunder and rain storm rolled in right before we got up so it was going CRAZY while we sang!! It was actually really really cool. hahaha anyways ya! It was so funny because Omar and Jacob started clapping lightly when we finished and we were like uhhhhh and they caught on fast but they were like you guys were so good you deserved a standing O! what the heck and we were like it's reverence don't worry haha. But ya anyways they wanted to go to the rest of church! Jacob spoke English so they came with us as we taught the 16-18 year olds and it just so happened that our lesson was on Chastity because that was what we felt prompted to teach! So that was a little bit uncomfortable at first however, Omar was the one who was super interested during it and was like wow! and all serious about it and answering everything we said and of course our class was silent and Jacob, Omar's friend was definitely not into it..... anyways ya!!! We are going to teach Omar!! and that was a little miracle because we didn't think he was interested!! Well anyways that was our slow week :)

       I love my mission and this church. I know it's true and so should you! Love you all! 
Say your prayers and read your scriptures as a family! Read the Parable of the ten Virgins! Mathew 25 1-13 :) It's amazing. We need to fill our lamp drop by drop, little by little everyday or we won't know our savior like we should. The verse that Christ says, "I know you not",  just breaks my heart. Out of all verses in the scriptures that one hits me the hardest. I want to know my Savior and I know I can through diligence and obedience to the Doctrine! I know that this is true with my whole heart. I love Joseph Smith I think he is incredible and I am so grateful for the sacrifices he made for us. He's awesome and I love my Savior. 
Through Him ALL things are possible. 
Love you all!! Hermana Koch!

 "awkward don't know what to say caption hahaha we found a cute wall at the pulga?"
Pulga Singin'!

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  1. She's such a cute missionary! Love that she shares her talents too!