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Gulfbank: Aug 5, 2013: Just three unicorns adventuring through life and being attacked by dogs!

I was thinking we were going to get some explanation for the title of her email this week, but... I don't see anything that explains.  Haha, just her mind going a million miles and hour and she probaly forgot to add what that was all about.  Here is a cute picture after an investigators grandbabies soaked them while playing with the hose. I bet it felt good though.

HI HI HI :) okeeee soooo a ton happened this week haha and I really don't want to write a novel... one because I know I tune out when I read a long email and I don't want everyone to feel that way and two my poor stubby sausage fingers get so tired and helpless haha... ok before I get started I just want to say I was SO TEMPTED to titled the subject of this email "someone pooped in our toilet" but as we all learn everyday of our lives, sometimes the hard way(though we don't like to admit it) and sometimes the easy way, that temptation is of the devil. But let me at least start out with the story that has had me laughing since last night. 

So last night we came home to our apartment and walked in, which is always the scariest part, and followed Hna P in! We all started getting ready for planning and we were setting stuff down and Hma B ran to the bathroom really fast! So I go walking past the door of the bathroom as Hma B comes out and we are both walking towards the kitchen where Hma Parry is and Hma B says, Hma Parry Hma Koch, which one of you pooped in the toilet and didn't flush it??..... we were both like what?!!! and came to the conclusion that none of us had pooped in the toilet and didn't flush it!!! Someone broke into our apartment pooped in our toilet and then left!! That is the only conclusion!!! By this point we are all laughing so hard because we just kept saying in un belief that someone pooped in our toilet, and yes this may sound kind of gross but i just cant get over the fact.... that someone pooped in our toilet. And then I was thoroughly freaked out and we had further indepth conversations about this.... and I will now move on and tell you about the rest of the important stuff because I am starting to realize that this is probably not that funny to anyone except Nicole and Jeff 18 (Jefferson 18 is what her freshman roommates called their apartment and those that became apart of their lives)... and possibly my family... well anyways it might be funny but I'm feeling kind of awkward for the amount of times I have written the word poop... I really do apologize to anyone who is offended and hope they can forgive me and that I have not disgraced my families name...
Ok my week!! Holy cow it was great, its actually really hard to get it all down!! ahhh my goodness! ok Sooo I'm pretty sure I didn't write about Alex at al because I said I would send my journal entry but I decided I didn't want to do that cuz it is really long and detailed! But I will start with him! So I know I only shared two experiences last week, but we actually had a day of miracles, and one of those miracles was our lesson with Alex! It was seriously fantastic! 
We got to his house like an hour early because our other appointment fell through and when we got there he said that he wished we had come later because he wanted his friend to be here and he couldn't come right now and that he had texted us to come at like 1:30 several hours later and we somehow didn't see it.  Then when we started talking to him we asked him what he wanted from our lessons and he told us that he doesn't really know, that he was actually going to text us and tell us not to come because he didn't have any questions about anything. Which is why it was a blessing that we hadn't gotten his text to come later because then he would have had time to text us not to come! So we were kind of thinking, well I guess we should just go then but instead we asked if we could teach him! So we did! and it was like the most amazing lesson ever. My testimony grew so much that God prepares His children! As we taught him the restoration, he would ask things that would lead right into what we were talking about next! He was seriously asking inspired questions.... I mean like seriously, after we explained the first vision ( which you should have seen his face, when we showed him the picture he was wide eyed and mesmerized it was so sweet.) We asked if he had any questions and he seriously said, I just wish that there was a book..... Hna B was seriously going to BURST!! YOU COULD JUST SEE THE EXCITEMENT IN HER EYES!!!! So when he finished saying that.... we obviously told him about the Book of Mormon and he told us that he would love to read it!! So we had him read a passage from it :) and I think the last two paragraphs from the introduction... which are so powerful so if you haven't read the intro lately do it. It's awesome. Ok so then we couldn't really get ahold of him. He couldn't come to church because of work and he wasn't answering our messages, and so now it is this last week which I am emailing about! :) 

So because we couldn't set an appointment with him, because he wouldn't answer, we decided to show up at his house like awkward missionaries :) Es la vida. Me gusta :) He was busy but was happy and said that we could come back tomorrow and that he doesn't have work on Saturday day or Sunday and that he is really happy because that means he gets to go dancing on Saturday and then church on sunday haha I love him, he is so awesome. So we came back and we had another AWESOME lesson :) He told us when we were doing service with him last week right after the lesson before, that Joseph Smith had to be a prophet because he translated the Book of Mormon and all this stuff so I was definitely stoked out of my mind. 
So this lesson was awesome... We read 2 Nephi 31 with him and talked about it and then his friend Olevia showed up which interrupted right when we were going to ask him to be baptized, which was ok because God has a better plan :) So she showed up and we taught her about the Book of Mormon and literally freaked out she was so excited!! She is so cute, she was like!!! YOU MEAN JESUS! CAME! TO THE MMERICA'S?!! haha so we definitely gave her the Book of Mormon :) Then Alex said that he was for sure coming to church and then he didn't come. He texted us right before, that his boss called and he had to work, which I believe him. SO that was a bummer. 

But we had a lesson with Ana!! and We taught Ana and Eddenilson about the Plan of Salvation and she thought it was beautiful! and the Relief Society President came with us and she dominated. Like seriously shes the and it was great!! We asked her to get baptized on a date and she said no, not right now because it was too soon because she hasn't gone to church or anything, I don't know, but I can tell she is a timid person :) She is so sweet and tender and Eddenilson (age 8) wants to get baptized. When we asked him he was being shy and she whispered to him si :) It was awesome and then...... 

(insert exciting music) SHE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!! it was awesome :)
I think she was kind of uncomfortable and nervous because it was her first time but it was ok :) 

Hna Parry and I bore our testimony and that was definitely scarey bearing my testimony in front of a congregation haha. Those were my lesson highlights! :)

The week was great, I went on my first exchange with Hna Villanueva! and I would love to make it super detailed but that would be to long ahha. So basically what happened was that everything went wrong. We forgot the bike locks, then we realized we forgot our phone, then every lesson fell through and no one was home, then I thought I lost my planner and then my skirt kept getting stuck in the bike and then it started pouring rain and to top it off my bum was KILLING ME because the bike seats are old and hard and so I couldn't put all my weight on the seat and so my legs were killing and my bum is STILL sore... and that all sounds awful, but SURPRISE!! We did it all with a smile on our faces laughing the whole way, it was seriously so fun. I was sweating more than I thought possible and kept tipping over on the bike because it was too tall and it honestly was so funny. I had such a blast. We just laughed and thought "this day" that was probably said like 100 times... 
And then to top the day off to make the exchange just the best experience ever. We attended a baptism and I got to sing the musical number with an English speaking sister and it was the sweetest thing. The spirit was so strong and she was just radiating!!! Oh and mom thank you for sending me with solo music because at zone conference as well this week Hna Parry and Elder Cobabe and I sang Nearer My God to thee for the musical number (hna B couldn't because her voice was gone). Anyways that was my week!! It was so awesome!! 
I love you all! The church is true just like the sky is blue!!
I really fast just want to tell you how much I love the Book of Mormon. It is truly the word of God. The entire week just pointed to it. Every time I read it I feel the spirit telling me it is the word of God. It is truly incredible and I wish I would have taken the advantage of the fact that I grew up with it. I feel so sad that I didn't read it as often as I should have before my mission. And whenever I think about how I am tired and don't have time to read a few verses I think about how hard it must have been to write those words on the plates, and how hard Joseph Smith worked and how much pain he went through so we could have it. And mostly I think of President Eyrings voice in the youtube video, "Missionary work and the Atonement", with him and elder Holland, saying that after he feels like he can sit down and rest because he feels like he has finished something big, he thinks of Him. Christ, who never took a day off, who was always perfect, always serving and always loving those who hated Him, all I have to do, is read. All I have to do is open up a book and look at it with my eyes. How sad would it be to not take Moroni's challenge, or as Hermana Burnham says, His plea, as if he is saying, please please please just read this Book, PLEASE just read it. And asked God if it is true and He will tell you that it is. So powerful!  So if you need a pick me up and need to be reminded that it is true, read 3 Nephi 11 and then Moroni 10:3-5 and pray. I could never deny what I have read in those scriptures. I know that Christ came to the America's and most importantly I know that He loves ALL of His children, even those that deny Him. I love this gospel. I am so incredibly grateful and so blessed to be apart of God hastening His work!! I am so happy to be here. and I am so happy to testify I want to SCREAM it from the cliff tops
( that makes me think of Nicole and Pride and Prejudice). I love you all :) I hope all is well!!
Hermana Koch

 Happy in the car!
She titled this picture  "cows standing in a row asking to have their pictures taken!"

 Hna Villanueva
 Before and after the rain on their bikes.

 Her hair is getting long enough to curl. I wonder if it stays curled in the humidity that she has never complained about yet!
You are a beauty baby girl and so so inspiring.

Another picture I stole from her missions blog while they were at zone conference I guess.
She is not having any fun yet, can you tell?

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