Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fun Pics!

Just almost died at Marisol's... no big deal... the result of the choking water.
Marisol's adorable grandma I absolutely love her... her spanish is super hard to understand ahhaha no big deal though, the Lord is on my side. 

 Hermana Knappens adorable face ahha that was a total candid shot. 
Save me a piece of that corn! Save me a piece of that corn for lata!

 HALLOWEEN.... it happened... awkward aparently there was a rule about no cross dressing.... in the picture..  I think this is the order I cant really see it haha but its sister Brown and sister Bonner and then Hermana Villanueva and Hermana Miller and then Hermana Knappen and then MEEEEE :) 
Hna Knappen y yo 

Elder Hamelou (Argentina) and Elder Valdez (Provo utah)
Elder Christensen (Salt Lake) Elder Abadillo (Gautemala) and me and Hermana Knappen!

 Kathryn Lambrakis's 89th birthday
 TV in her house!!

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