Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gulfbank Nov 11, 2013: The HARDER you work the FASTER it seems to go!!!

Showing us her new costume jewelry state of Texas necklace. 

Hola hola!
      How is everything!! I hope well :) I am sure it is! I am so sad to hear about the Philippines(i dont know how to spell) that is really so sad but I am so happy that Savvy is ok. I am praying for all of the missionaries as well as the people there! I can't imagine what Sav is probably feeling for her investigators and her ward! wow. so so sad :( 

That's... kind of a sad note and I feel bad being happy after that, but I will share some happy news.

So really all there is to talk about this week is Maria and Yandrea!!! They are both sooo awesome!!!

Well we went over to teach her the restoration, she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and has felt a difference. She has the most beautiful little girl and we just LOVE her. I just cried sitting there I don't know why but I was feeling the spirit so strong that she has totally made this 360 turn and that she is coming to chruch and that she wants Olive to grow up knowing God because she was never taught to know God how we do and we are teaching her and she just keeps telling us how thankful she is. She is so darling and I just feel so close to her, I know that we will be life long friends, plus it helps that we are pretty much almost the same age. She came to church on sunday and it was so awesome! She loves it and said several things confirming that she is going to keep coming back. She believes everything and doesn't question it! :) She asked how she could become a member of the church? And we were like baptism!! haha She is so incrdible and I am just so happy I have never seen the gospel change someones life so dramatically and rapidly and I feel so close to her and I have never been so happy at the thought of someone accepting it. 

We had an amazing lesson with her. AMAZING all about the Holy Ghost and how much God loves her and He blessed her with her family and she just loves her family soooo much and it reminded me of how much I love mine!!! She knows so strongly... quien es el espiritu santo y she felt answers to her prayers about the Book of Mormon and we asked her to be baptized on the30th of November and she said YESSSS!!! We talked about how she felt the Holy Ghost when we asked her so she knows that when ever she feels the Holy Ghost she can't deny whatever He told her. I love it. I love her, she is soooo excited and we are too!!!! 

PRAY for los dos!!!!!!

This week it really has come to my attention that it is not about me. That when we are having problems or feeling bad or think that someone is being mean to you, realizing it is not about you. We need to remember that everyone is going through something different. And if we look outside ourselves and our feelings that there might just be something that the Lord wants you to share with Him. Because that's one of the covenants we make at baptism. I love that. I love the Lord and I love that this life is all about helping others. As we help others we help grow the kingdom of God and we get to be a part of it. So when you are having a hard day, think about someone else whose might be harder and try to lift their spirits, because in all honesty it's our choice.  Everything is our choice, and I strongly believe that it is our choice whether or not to allow something that someone else does to effect our happiness. It's between us and God :) I love that. I love my Savior and I know He loves me because I have asked Him. I want nothing more than to be in His presence someday! 

Hermana Koch

  Temple lovin. Zone picture :) 
our lovely district... 

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