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Still Gulfbank: Nov 4, 2013: Hmmm catch up on 2 weeks???

Houston No. Zone 1 goes to the Temple

Hola Hola Mi Familia!!!

      How are you doing?!!  I am doing so well :) and I miss you all so so much! I am so so sorry I didnt get to email you last week!! SOOO Lame of me. BUT!  It was a really crazy day I barely got to email president! YIKES we went to the Galaria the mall here and it's like 3 stories and insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. And you know me hating to walk..... the me antes mi mision would have been so bumbed that we had to walk to far!!! buuuuuttttt it doesn't even faze me :) ever since I got on my mission I don't even care or think about the fact that I have to walk!!!! Um but ya. We planned the timing a little bit off and I didnt get back in time because there was so much traffic and it stressed me out and then we got here to email and I had NO time and I cried. I think Sister Knappen didn't know what to do with me. haha ummm but ok soooo I'll just say a few things! 

ANA and EDDENILSON!!! our investigators we found with Hermana Parry and Hermana Burnham and they were like yes! we want to be baptized! and then they fell off the face of the earth! But they are adorable and Ana is like my favorite woman she is so adorable she is from Honduras and her son Eddenilson was born here, he is 9 and she is soooooo sweet. She wants to come visit in California once I go home and I am so obsessed with hammocks that she wants to send me one that her husband gets from El Salvador.  Eddenilson is so special and he is so kind and always is so cute and I helped him do his math homework and when he got a ton wrong he started crying :( and we assured him that it was ok and that he was suuuuper suuuuper smart and ugh I just adore him!!! I need my pictures with them from the fiesta!! I sent them home so that I can get them to her because she wants them! They now have a baptismal date! And they are so cute ahhhh I just LOVE THEM!!

Another miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YANDREA!!! A little girl named Yandrea! She is 11 and we got a referral for her and so we just decided to go like an hour later and we showed up and they were like we are all members but her, and she wants to get baptized!  We were like what wait?? hahah and they were like come in come in and we were like we cant :/ we cant go in with out a woman and so they called their mom and had her walk home from work!! and they were all so excited. It turns out that they were allllllll super duper active in Honduras and they have a super awesome conversion story and they have like 5 kids and they were all baptized and grew up in the church and she was in the relief society presidency and they took their kids every week and then anyways... they came here and aren't active anymore :/ and we didnt EVEN KNOW THEY EXIST! but her mom was like when are you going to come over to do the classes and we set up plans and she is going to get baptized!!!!! What a miracle!!!!! 

Kathryn Lambrakis turned 89!!!!!!!!! and we celebrated her birthday with her and we are going to try to teach here. her birthday was so fun :) The Leyvas came over as well. It was so darling we were inside the house and this trumpet started playing and she RAN  to the door it was so cute and she cried and loved us all and it was beautiful and then president Leyva talked about it in the stake conference and it was so special :) 

Thats all!!!! Oh, I had an experience where I fasted this week and then like a few hours later Hna Knappen said something to me that answered my prayers and I just cried thinking about how much my Heavenly Father loves me and how he answers my prayers and how he wants to bless us SOOOOOO BAD. But if we don't do what is right and what He asks He can't. How sad that must make Him and how much that must hurt :( UGH.  I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!!! IT IS SOOOOO REAL!

I love my God and I love my Savior. He lives and we are NEVER alone. Sometimes we just need to take a step and have enough faith that he will take our hand. Faith is something I want to work on :) HEY! Let's do it together :) Everyone read ALMA 32!!! ooo Quick, another miracle Marie Mota texted us pretty much dropping us that she wasn't ready for anything church related because she was in a bad place and we showed up and didn't give up on her because we had a prompting and she is probably going to get baptized!! Hermana Knappen related to her and testified of the Book of Mormon and the power it has to chase away negativity and it was just awesome. I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true. I know it and I know that Joseph Smith restored the only true church on the earth and if you ever question it, Pray :)

Love you all, sorry this is short I promise next week will be better!
Hermana Koch

 Awkward picture with Josefina and Roberto. haha Roberto wanted to make sure we were sending these to our parents and told us to tell them who he was so I figured its ok to use their names... plus its weird calling them jo and rob ew.

Just with Katy on her 89th birthday!! :)

Just flooding... no big deal... but really no big deal. haha it always does this. 
My shoes are ALWAYS WET :) I really do love it though. ahha

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