Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gulfbank: 12/21/13: FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!

hola hola hola hola!!

  FELIZ NAVIDAD! no puedo esperar para hablar juntos!!!! woot woot! La semana pasada fue muy bien! 
It was such a pleasant surprise to get so many Christmas greetings! Thank you for everyone who thought of me! and if you have sent me a letter or something, I am just going to say I am SOOO SORRY right now, because it is soooo hard to find time to write back! ay! But I looooove you all and trust me the letters and things are so needed!!! and they do not go unnoticed! They really really do make a difference!! SO THANKYOOOOOOO!!!! 
I got a Christmas card from the Parry's and I called Hermana Parry and just like died haha. I was like ahhhhh your parents sent me a Christmas card how sweet I'm so happy they thought of meeee! haha and Mookie and Tommy haha you two just need to stop. You are too attractive it really isn't fair. Hermana Knappen and I just looked at your card and just said, Stop. haha I look at it with all my Christmas cards on the wall and smile. <3

      Ok so this week was bien llena de Milagros!!! We had tons of stuff happening! The biggest miracle I shall share is Omar! I don't know if you remember Omar but he is the brother of Alex and he is super awesome! We taught Alex a long time ago and became friends with Omar and he came to church a couple of times and even a baptism! (that just happened to be insanely long like 3 hours poor thing) Anyway we never really taught him but gave him a Book of Mormon because he didn't really have an interest in making changes, but he has the SWEETEST spirit so he knows that everything is right he just wasn't ready for anything really, but we told the AP's anyways because he is a young single. They tried to stop by a few times but they never really could talk to him. ANYWAY! Hermana Knappen had a prompting to go to there house while we were on our way to something and so we turned around and showed up! We ended up talking to Omar and seeing how he was doing and he asked us what we were about to do and we told him, to go and teach people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and he was like oh ya, whats that? We were like well is there a time we could teach you? and he said I'm free right now!!! So we taught him about the restoration and at the end we asked him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was called to be the prophet and he said I already know it's true.... and I was just gobsmacked(SHOUT OUT TO JEFF18)! and then we said well will you pray to know if the book of Mormon is true and he said I already know it's true, of course it is.  He told us about when he had a HORRRIBLE dream one night, like really crazy demon stuff :/ and he woke up at like 3 in the morning and he said I popped into his head from a long time ago saying, when I get scared or sad, I read the Book of Mormon, so he said he went right over and started reading it!! He is so cool. And he knows the right steps, he knows he needs to be baptized, but he is just scared and wants to take it little by little! It'll all work out :) He is so awesome, he is the lead singer of a band called,  What lies behind, and its scream-o haha and he's just such a personality I love it. He wants to travel and be a force for good in the world and I know he could do it! He just needs to believe in God and believe in himself.

     Last night was sooo sweet!!! The YSA in our ward made just the missionaries in our ward, so us and the two companionships of elders, dinner and they appreciated us and then gave us Christmas stockings full of lovin! We just shed some tears no big deal. It was so nice to be appreciated from your ward. It was so so sweet and they were really kind and complemented us on our work and it was really just so great. I was so grateful for them. mehhhhh no tengo las palabras.

   I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! I HAVE LOVED IT SO MUCH THIS YEAR!! It has been so much more about His life and not just His birth this time and I have adored that. I feel as though He was really with me this time and I really have loved that. I know He lives, and I know He feels it when we love and respect Him and worship Him and I know He also feels it the other way around. I really hope that we all make sure to focus on Him this Christmas season and especially the gift that Elder Ballard invited us to give to Him, reach out to someone you love. I loved what Elder Holland said, if you share an invitation with love and from the heart it can't be offensive. The gospel is the greatest gift you can give to them, "Will you rob them of their salvation?"- Hermano Glock. love you all sooooo so so much!!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! Miss you all. Know that I love you and I am sorry I couldn't get anyone gifts :(


Hermana Koch
PS: OBSESSED with the bible videos on LDS.org, I cry in like  all of them, I love Jesus

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