Monday, December 30, 2013

Gulfbank: Dec 30, 2013: MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR...I'M OUT!

Hola!!! Soy la Hermana Koch y soy una misionera.

     And I am getting transferred! CRAZYYY!! We got the call last night and then I leave tomorrow early in the morning!! I am so sad to leave the people I have met and love here but I'm not worried about it because I know I'll be back!! soooo mostly I'M JUST STOKED OUT OF MY MIND!!! woohoo :) I am excited for this change. I needed it and it's going to be so great and I am going to do exactly what the Lord wants me to do wherever I am being sent :) It's going to be so so fun I love it. sooo...


I was so so happy to see everyone! What a special gift from the Lord that we get to talk with our families! How great is that?! Pretty great! This week was fantastic and sick haha. Christmas Eve was so great, in our ward most of the families celebrated on Christmas Eve! so that was super fun! :) We ate at the Leyva's then the Antonio's :) We spent our Christmas fun with the Antonio's which made me so happy. They are so so special to me, I love them with my whole heart! They gave us little presents and they fed us and we took pictures and played a wild game of Jenga!!! :) haha it was so fun!! Then the next day... was Christmas and we TALKED! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! It was so nice to see you all and I just loved it so so much :) Everyone looked so happy and so fun and so lively and so the same it was nice haha. :) The rest of the week was a little bit off... I've been sick again :/ so that was laaAAAME. haha but don't worry it'll pass!!
Katy went missing :/ so we couldn't find her and it was kind of really scarey and the cops came again and it felt like CSI and I just kept thinking... holy Hannah I am only 19! This is not a normal thing to be apart of at 19!! Let me be young and ignorant! haha jk don't want that :) So we tried to figure out what we could do and it seemed pretty fishey anyway. Maria her  cute lady that cleans her house and takes her to get groceries and stuff found out that she was at the hospital...which seems like a bad thing but let me tell you it is a relief!! She was not granny napped and that is what we were worried about. That was probably the night that I really got sick. I was up like all night I couldn't fall asleep and then it's gone down hill from there but now I'm just gonna kick this in the pants. I'm done bein sick so I'm just going to pretend I'm not :) problem solved ;) haha anyway, This week was wonderful :) I just love serving and I love being here. Being a missionary is the biggest blessing in the world :) I love it!! I love you all and I hope that everything is well!!!

ooo ooo I have a little invitation for you all!! ok soooo New Years resolution!/ Birthday present for me!

Ok so my birthday is on April 23rd right? So I decided I wanted to finish the Book of Mormon before my birthday, so I am starting from the beginning and reading 2 chapters a day and then 3 for the last 13 days. So everyone my invitation to you is to do this with me for my birthday present!!! aand then at the end you can write me your testimony or something if you want!!! It's just an invitation :) ahha I want you to all do this with me if you can!! and then for whoever is so kind and reading this as well to do it with me!!! Please! It will be so wonderful and spiritual and educational :) Anyway that's my little tid bit! Maria is going to do it with me so I have one person keeping me going :)


I am so so so happy for her and she looked so happy and so Ashlee and that was the most important part!! ahhhh I love eternal families!! 
Families are eternal if sealed by the power and authority of God!!!

love you,
Hermana Liz Koch


#1 with Emmett's present :)
#2 our zone at the zone Christmas breakfast :)
#3 trying to put on natalies scarve haha
#4 getting Amanda's late Christmas present.. pure excitement!

#5 the pillow case
#6 caroling with the narias!
#7 Christmas with the Antonio's :)
#8 creepy selfie with the gift from the Antonio's :) a little butterfly pendant <3

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