Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 22, 2014: Conroe, TX: What a Week!

                                           Chile con mango mmmmmmmmmmm

Hola queridos mios,

   So this week has been FULLLLLLLLLLLLLL..... of MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMucus. 
You probably thought I was going for the other M word... miracle... well both M words are good... both are good, both favorites (Brian Regan) Well anyway ya I was like dealthy ill this week. Real bad, Conroe, tiny, blessed, town spreads viruses like rapid fire... and who gets them? hermana Koch..... it's like my immune system detects it before it even hits and lowers itself so that I get hit right when the party comes to town and I get hit hard. Well anyway life is good though I am way better than before :) Almost over it. I just am stuck with one of those nasty coughs that sounds like you've got somethin that's trying to drown you in your lungs. 

But not much to report :)
I LOVE MY MISSION. I LOVE MY WARD. I LOVE MY PEOPLE. MMMMYYYYY PEOPLE. haha But really I love them. This week we have been visiting so many members of our ward and focusing on them and how we can help them. I have learned so many life lessons and I am just obsessed with every single one of them! The Gospel is SOOO real. It is, it is real-er than real. It is fabulous and perfect and happy and beautiful and merciful and peaceful and wonderful and bright and calm and tranquilo perfecto maravilloso. I just love it and everything about it. And if you are missing any of these descriptive words in your life you are missing something! MORE of the gospel. We should never be to the point where you've had enough of it. It was really hard getting my second call about a death in the family the other night. And I hit my knees praying and I prayed and I slept and I prayed all day at church and then I got a blessing and God told me that before this world He had chosen the trials I would face specifically on my mission and that in this moment this happened so that I would be able to learn how to suffer with JOY and I feel it. I am not sad. I am glorious. I am happy and I am fired up. The Plan of Salvation is true and if you don't believe it or choose not to share it you are dying a truth that is one of THE GREATEST sources of happiness. I know it's true because I can feel it in my soul. I AM a daughter of God. GOD! I am HIS daughter. And I AM going to return to Him and I WILL hug my family surrounding His thrown, and my wonderful, special, unique and beautiful Aunt Claudette is in peace and I pray for her and I LOVE HER. And I will see her again :) And we can laugh together. And I testify of that in the name of Jesus Christ. 

My mission miracle to the president:
(m) Sentimos que necesitamos enfocarnos en la juventud. Entonces esta semana empezamos a hacerlo! Tuvimos 2 lecciones con algunas jovencitas y ensenamos su leccion en Domingo. Pero el milagro fue cuando ensenamos una de ellas, fuimos a su casa y la ensenamos sobre la restauracion. Ella nos sorrprendio muchisimo! Pero la cosa mas grande y increible era en el fin de la leccion!!! Hablamos sobre como ella sabe que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero y ella dijo que lea con su familia pero no personalmente..... entonces la hermana Marlowe compartio una experiencia con El Libro de Mormon y la escuela y era exactamente lo que necesitaba ella! Y imediatamente cambio su corazon! el resto del tiempo que estuvimos en su casa ella siguia repetiendo "estoy muy animada para irme a dorme para que puedo levantarme y leer antes que me voy a la escuela! no puedo esperar por a ver que pasa! cuan mas increible seria mi dia!" realmente me lleno con felicidad y el proximo dia nos mando un mensaje diciendo que su dia estuvo bonito y mejor porque leyo. :) 

I love you all soooo much!! I hope all is well! MANY PRAYERS ARE COMING YOUR WAY!!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermanita Koch

 Intercambios con la hermana Carbajal!!!.. chile con mango mmmmmmm

Con Tere <333

 Elder Howe!!!

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