Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8, 2014: Conroe: AND THEN THERE WERE 3

Hermanas Koch, Provost and Marlowe

Hola Hola,

Sorry I just really don't seem to have time these days but I'm not even sure why... So I'm really sorry if I didn't get to anyones email to respond but I sincerely love you all and feel so loved and appreciated everytime I email. 

So I think you already know this but we got a new hermana! Her name is hermana Provost and she is so sweet and motherly! She is so cute and is 20 and she worked in an elderly home! She is from ogdon! how in the world do you spell that.... anyway she is so sweet!! I don't have really anything to update from this week sorry!! BUT I LOVE YOU ALL!!! We had stake conference and that was fun and beautiful! 


Miracle to President: 

Un milagro que vimos esta semana.... Un dia durante la semana hicimos metas por el dia porque no estabamos teniendo exito invitando 25 personas y hemos visto que cuando cumplimos con esta meta Dios nos bendice con milagros y un crecimiento de fe. Entonces hicimos una meta para el dia, sentimos que necesitabamos invitar 10 o mas veces antes de las 6. entonces el dia estaba pasando y no tuvimos exito durante el dia mas temprano y no habiamos cumplido con nuestra meta entonces sentimos inspiradas a irnos a un lugar y poner volantes para las clases de ingles. Vi algunas personas y senti un poco incomoda pero sabia que era satanas! enotonces. fuimos y hablamos con todo. a las 620 tuvimos 11 invitaciones. Y despues de eso el senor nos bendijo que 32 invitaciones cuando llegamos al fin de la noche. Vi en las caras de mis companeras un fuego y amor por el evangelio y ser misionera. Me encanta esta obra y para era un milagro, cuando hacemos metas el senor nos ayuda cumplir. Yo se que los numeros no son las cosas mas importantes. pero cuando yo puedo ver la cara de la persona que es el "numero" me hace sentir tanto gozo que no puedo explicar. yo se que el senor cuenta sus ovejas. 

(I wish I could read her Spanish. I tried googletranslate but it's not good enough to add to the blog. I did however get out of it that she knows Heavenly Father loves his children and that he allows miracles. Satan can try to get in the way of their goals but they pushed through and gave out invitations to english classes. This was my favorite part: 

(I saw on the faces of my companeras a fire and love for the gospel and being a missionary. I love this work and it was a miracle. I know the numbers are not the important things, but when I can see the face of the person who is the "number" it makes me feel so much joy I cannot explain . I know that the lord loves his sheep.)

I know that this is the Lords work. That true happiness is found in His true church and through using His son's atonement. I love my savior, redeemer, brother Jesus Christ and I know that He suffered and died for me but most importantly was resurrected for me. So that I can have eternal happiness in my home and someday my Heavenly home. I love you all so much! When we draw closer to Him we set ourselves apart from sin and emotionally distracting things of the world!! 

Con mucho amor,
hermana Koch

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