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July 14, 2014: Conroe area: A WEEK LLENA DE MILAGROS

Morning run! Repin' my El Salvador jersey that I bought at fiesta hahaha

Hola Hola Queridos mios <3

    How is life?!! HERE IT IS FABULOUS AND HOT!!! We had a crazy and amazing week! SO full of miracles I can't believe how fast time is moving! The Lord truly blessed us here in Conroe and I can't wait to tell you about it as fast as I can!! Because we are going to Kayleigh's and watching some church movies haha!
First I have to start off by saying this whole week we made it a goal to contact 25 people everyday! Which is always a goal... but we wanted to be 100% the whole week. We didn't quite make it but we were SUUUUUUUPER CLOSE! and because we were trying to accomplish our righteous desires, the Lord gave us miracle after miracle! So I am going to point out the most exciting thing of each day!


   We were on our way back to our car to head to a different area/ go home because we weren't having any success and it was about time to return. Well on our way back to the car we saw in our main stairway, that we are always teaching people, a girl we had contacted that lives in the same apartment as all of our other investigators! haha Her name is Flor! She is so darling and from El Salvador! Well she looked sad so we decided to go cheer her up by telling her that God loves her! Looooong story short we taught her in the stairwell and people gathered haha so we ended up teaching a lesson to 3 people in the stairwell all of us just sitting there, it was awesome! Afterwards one of the guys that listened to us, who is a minster said that if we can prove to him that everything is in the bible he will convert. haha He is 27 and so we have been teaching him throughout the week! He has some different beliefs! He is so kind and supportive of our missionary efforts. And then of course because it was like the end of the night we ran into Will!!! and we taught him the Word of Wisdom! He loves the pamphlets so we give them to him and then he reads! He told us that he was going to read the Plan of Salvation one and then 2 pages in the Book of Mormon each day after that. He is a rock star I love him.

     Awesome lesson with Paula! She is so strong! We read her chapters 2-4 in the Book of Mormon because she didn't want us to stop! Then we taught her the restoration again and she said she knows it's true!! We went over the baptismal interview questions with Jose and he agrees with everything and loves the church! We just aren't sure he really understands it... so we will see.


    Ok I don't even know how to explain this day... I might have to take a picture of my journal and send it home because we saw sooo many miracles!!! Early in the day we met a woman named Elena who told us to come over to her house at like 5 and teach her. Then we met a woman named Francisca (also from El Savlador!!! I love the El Salvadorenians) and she was in so much pain and told us to come in! We immediately taught her about the priesthood and about how the hermanos could come give her a healing blessing and she excepted immediately! She told us to come back at 7. We then went to Paula's and picked up Kayliegh and we had an awesome lesson with her and then Mauricio came home! yayyy!!! He loved Kayleigh and it was awesome. Then we went back to Elena's! Where we had the most beautiful restoration lesson! We told her about the first vision and told her the words of Joseph Smith and asked her to close her eyes and imagine God and Jesus Christ coming to her. We then asked her how she felt and she just started crying!!!! and said that she felt something touched the top of her head! It was incredible! and we are going to visit her tonight! Then we went to Francisca's and she got a blessing and in it it said to be obedient to what the missionaries teach you and later we taught her and her daughter named Sandra the Restoration! Sandra said the prayer at the end after we taught her and she burst into tears!!! It was so sweet and special and we explained the spirit to her <3 We then went and talked with Pablo! He believes in Paul's ministry and that it is different than Christ's ministry. We talked and told him our purpose as missionaries and he decided he wants to study The Book of Mormon. It was a WONDERFUL NIGHT!!!!! The amount of new people we had to teach totaled up that night was 10!!!!!!!!! And obviously numbers don't matter but these numbers have faces and lives and families and I just felt an enormous amount of love that God has enough confidence in us to allow us to teach that many more of His children!!


     We did weekly planning and taught Flor about the Plan of Salvation and talked to Pablo some more!


     We got to see Will! We went over the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the things we have to do in this life to live with God again! It was awesome! He had an incredible spiritual experience while reading the pamphlets and he asked for more :) He is so spritually in tune! I hope someday he would be able to go on a mission! Then we had exchanges and Hermana Mcleary came to me and Hermana Buno went to the Woodlands area.


     We taught 3 fairly new people that we are teaching and they were sweet lessons. Kayleigh came with us! :) It was awesome to see the difference in the lessons we teach... becuase no matter how many times you teach the restoration during the day, I can promise you that every lesson will be different if you are teaching by the spirit! It's WONDERFUL!!!!! :) I got hna Buno back! We are really nervous about exchanges... my stress level went up like a thousand realizing that I won't be with hna Buno and I will soon be going home. Not going to talk about it.


    No one came to church even though they all told us they would. Jose came, we found him a ride but no one else did. I am really happy he did! He is so awesome. But we are going to have the elders start teaching him because we feel a little bit uncomfortable even though he is awesome. Anyway, ya but no one came and I just cried hahah. Which is funny because I've had my whole mission with majority of the time no one comes... but I cried. I really feel like I have given everything I have emotionally and spiritually to the people we are teaching here! I think about them ALLL THE TIME, and just want them to be happy. So clearly when they didn't come to church to get the blessings the Lord had sitting there waiting for them, I cried. Pleaded with the Lord a bit and came to the conclusion that it hurts so bad, and we sometimes get a little glimps of what Jesus went through. Even now when we all know what He did for us, we deny Him in lot's of different ways. Clearly I don't know the amount of pain and never will, but I understood a little bit more that I am a representative of Jesus Christ, and loving someone so much that it hurts is an honor.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! I READ AN AMAZING TALK THIS MORNING CALLED THE TONGUE OF ANGELS!!! Everyone read it. It will be good for you. It's my Elder Holland!!! Have a wonderful week!!!
Hermanita Koch

 Paula's ring!! It has her and Mauricios names on it <3333


My motivational picture wall!! Pictures sent from home and ones from the mission! 

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