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July 7, 2014: Conroe area: The Mortensens Have Arrived!!!!!!

The Mortensens Have Arrived!!!!!!


Hola Hola HOLA!!! 

     This week was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just feel like the little kid from the incredibles where He is just staring... and Mr. Incredible is just like what are you waiting for and he's like I DON'T KNOW! SOMETHING AMAZING I GUESS!!! haha this week was seriously SO awesome. Too much to write, so I'll just tell you some things and then someday later I'll share with you the journals entries! haha


Goodbye to the Pingrees :( We got a sweet email from them, it made me so sad! They just signed it with their names, not president and sister! ahhh. but it's ok because they will always be in my heart :)

We had a noche de hogar (FHE) with Jenni and with a family in the ward and it was super awesome! We used Alma 50 and talked about the things we can do to build up weapons to defend our cities! Or in this case our families!! And Jenni was the one who answered!! She said all of them! She was like read together, pray together, do noche de hogar, go to church, get baptized haha we were just baffled it was awesome! and then she went to church on Sunday! She is basically a member! I love her so much!!


It was a good day :) Lots of things didn't work out but it's ok because it was great anyways! We got to visit lots of members and get close to them! We have been making quotes with them for our activity and using Proverbs 16:24 :) I love kind words! We had dinner with the relief society president and she is just the sweetest thing ever! :)

HERMANA BUNO HIT HER 6 MONTHS MARK!! and the Barrera's smashed cream in her face... and then I got hit as well... hahah lovely.


We got to participate in our youth's activity that night! It was a WATER BALLOON FIGHT!!!!! The youth poured pitchers of water on me. haha It was the most wet I've been for over a year!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!! haha it was really fun. I love working with the youth here. They need a lot of support and we have been building up relationships with them.


We got to visit one of our cute youth :) She is doing so much better and is so happy! I love their family! We did some language study with Kayleigh earlier it was so fun :) ahha she is such a crack up. Sometimes we get really distracted, but we are getting better. hahah


What I emailed to President Mortensen for my miracle!: (M) We saw SO MANY miracles this week! It was just wonderful. I don't even know which one to pick. But I think the one that was most apparent to me was that of making goals. We had a wonderful weekend and it was all because the Lord was inspiring us and guiding us the whole time. On Friday after our conference we reminded ourselves the whole day of our goal of talking to 25 people and it was amazing to see who the Lord put in our path as we were exactly obedient and put forth our full effort! Even down to being personally obedient. I personally have some tough allergies so I can't eat a lot of things, so we had to grab something to eat and instead of just eating the things I can't we decided to go to the only place where we could grab something quick that was healthy for me! So we went and there the Lord placed a family of 6 or 8 (ish) that had just moved into the area and wanted to find a church centered on families! We got their information and we are going to teach them this coming week! Throughout the day we contacted more and more people! Just acting on the first thought of where we should go and the spirit guided us to an investigator that we hadn't been able to contact in a while and he wants to get baptized! And then every person we talked to that day and the next accepted our message and wants us to come back! It was a MIRACLE! I personally had been praying and pleading with the Lord to help us find the prepared people and this weekend with action on our part, He answered my prayers. We even found a father and son who had been investigating in El Salvador and were about to get baptized but had to leave quickly and couldn't find the church here! 5 years later the father is allowing the son to choose which church to join but he still hasn't picked because SOMETHING has been stopping him. It is just incredible the miracles we see when we keep the Lord in our hearts and minds and always tell Him the goals we are trying to reach. He is blessing us and continues to bless us as we work harder and harder. He enlightens our minds and allows us to see the areas where we can improve and become even more obedient! I love this work and my Father in Heaven. I have truly felt the Savior walking beside me as we fulfill our missionary purpose.


SPECIALIZED TRAINING WITH THE MORTENSENS!!! Wow it was sooo fun to meet the Mortensens!! They are just sooo awesome!!! I love them so much! Sister Mortensen has such a tender spirit and so does President Mortensen!! He is SO BOLD. I LOVE IT! They told us all about their family and a lot of that part was about marriage ahha it was interesting! and awesome and adorable and cute and then President Mortensen was like, all things are done in ORDER. haha :) We had an amazing training and went home and made goals on how we can improve as a companionship and then applied them! Our whole energy and work ethic changed! We were on fire!! THE LORD BLESSED US WITH SO MY OPPORTUNITIES TO SEE MIRACLES! WE FOUND SO MANY NEW PEOPLE. There truly are prepared people everywhere we go. But sometimes they don't seem to be prepared until you as a Latter-Day Saint are doing what you are supposed to so that you are prepared to meet them! We ran into "W" and he is kind of hard to get a hold of! We were knocking on someone's door and he saw us!!!!! HE IS SO PREPARED! INSTEAD OF WALKING AWAY.... He stopped! We told him one second, finished our door approach and then went and talked to him! He was going somewhere but instead he invited us to go talk to him! WE had a beautiful lesson and really got to know who he is and what situation he is coming from! By the end of it he had thanked us because a lot of the things he shared he needed to get off of his chest and he told us that he knows he has found the truth and that we changed his life! Because he has found spiritual peace! AHHHH IT WAS SO AWESOME!! and so many more awesome things happened :) we Just found so many prepared people in the next two days as we reached our goals that the Lord had set for us! Saturday night we played volleyball and soccer as a ward and met some new people and invited them to church and spent time with the ward! It was amazing! Sunday was awesome we had like a 2 hour meeting from someone in our stake presidency who was in my last ward and it was awesome to see him! He recognized me it was so awesome! I really feel like we have become close with the ward as some of them openly talked about how they have really seen us help the ward and the Bishop keeps giving us people to visit! Its so awesome! I love it! I love this ward its amazing!!

I sent this to our mission president about our area!!

Our area is starting to pick up and progress! It seemed as though the training was just for us this past week! We are finding the need to really help people understand the commitments they need to keep and if not we are going to have to lovingly let them understand that we can't keep coming back! The people here are absolutely wonderful! In our area it seems like the Lord is having our focus be in young single adults! Everyone we have been finding lately have been YSA and that is really what our ward needs right now. Strong young adults! As well as young new families! I love Conroe so much. I have learned sooo much from the people here as the Lord has helped us get to know their spiritual needs!


I love this work with all my heart and I feel it break a little every time I think about being released as a servant of the Lord. It is truly an honor to feel the spirit guide you to help those in need. I cannot express the love I feel for my Savior and Father in Heaven for the wonderful experiences they have allowed me to have in my process of conversion. I know that as we dedicate ourselves to serving others the Lord makes us into the person we need to be. I testify that Christ lives. I know that He loves every single one of us the same for the differences that we have. He suffered for us so that we could have the ability to better ourselves and increase our talents. I know that He is aware of every one of us and that He is STILL on God's errand. And if I know that Christ is aware of me, how much stronger my faith grows and my knowledge is that I as well know that GOD IS AWARE OF ME. The almighty is aware of me. He loves me and He loves you! He blesses you as you support me and blesses me as I support you :) As we consecrate ourselves to help His church grow and bring others too it, we get the opportunity to know Him better.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!! :) <3 read the Book of Mormon everyday!!!!!!!!!! It's more important that we do so than we can comprehend!!!

Hermana Koch

Darling sister missionaries and future Mortensen sister missionaries. How sweet.

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