Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014: A WEEK IN CONROE

I got this hello kitty ring from Hales in the mail forever ago!!! haha but on it's way here from Japan it broke!! I FINALLY SUPER GLUED IT BACK TOGETHER!!!! LOVE YOU HALES!!! 



    This week was great! It was hard but sooo great! It was a little bit slower this week. haha The mission always has unexpected curve balls, haha especially when you are teaching people who have just moved here from other countries and randomly move or get a new phone and then your stress level shoots up and your sleep level decreases.  haha  I can only imagine what it is like for them! 
Well mom has asked for some updates on certain people and I will do that!  As well as, because it takes me soooooo long to type up everything that happened during the week.... I decided to just write it down each night on a piece of paper each night and then send yall a picture and you can read it off there if you'ld like haha :) SO BEFORE I GET TOOO CARRIED AWAY...

KATE AND IAN!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you have been married since I was.... 13? or just turned 14? I don't know haha anyway! crazy!! and IANNNNNN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOODAYYYYYYYYYY! I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE AMAZING.

Ok so this week! I didn't get to finish on the paper!

Sunday: Jenni came to church! and we had a good lesson with Jose!
Fransisca: texted us and told us that she is going to go with her aunt to her church.
Pablo: haven't seen him all week but he's still super awesome. He is so kind to us and always tells us what good we are doing for other people!
Elena: Loves us! But thinks that the Lord wants her in the church that she was born into
Flor: moved... haven't heard from her.
Will: looking for a place to live and sleeping on someone's couch.. but we have off and on communication on the telefano.
Jose: getting baptized!!! maybe on thursday??
Paula and Mauricio: didn't come to church and I want to cry because we know that Paula wants to but she can't do anything about it.... we are thinking of just visiitng her during the day and having the elders give it a try teaching him. 

THIS WEEK WAS WONDERFUL!!! I love studying PMG TOGETHER!! You all inspire me sooo much! This week of emails was soo inspiring :) You all sent me the discussion and I loved it and then Haley du sent me an email about her health going on and about submitting to the Lord and it was wonderful. I am so so so happy and blessed. I can see the Lord spiritually strengthening all of us. Preparing His children no matter where they are in life! I learned a lot from what we studied but I don't have much time to write it all, but the quote by Brigham Young really hit me this time.

" No hay hombre o mujer en esta iglesia que no cumpla una mision......" we all will complete a mission. There isn't one of us who wont! It doesn't matter if we are a misionero de tiempo completo or if we are a member missionary or if we are a mom a dad a friend a brother or sister!!! WE WERE ALL SENT HERE to bless someone else. Christ came here to bless us. He gave His life for us. Not just physically on the cross, but also His WHOLE life. Not a minute of it did He spend not serving one of His brothers and sisters. We need to follow that example. SERVE SOMEONE THIS WEEK!! I love you all!!! Have a great week! <3
Con mucho amor,
Hermanita Koch


The necklace our Relief Society president gave to me!!! I get to look all stylin for church :) 

Our response to Fransisca's text... haha Kayleigh in the back. 
But we were really sad. haha seriously. 

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