Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014: Conroe area: Ella se va. Me quedo con bendito Conroe

Jose Alfredo!

Hna Buno and I are so unified we even accidently matched when we were away 
from each other on exchanges.

Hola Hola Hows it going everybody!!! 

Ok I have to say.... I LOVED ALLLL THE PICTURES FROM THE LAKE HOUSE!!!!!!! but.......... I knew what was coming when I heard that the boys were dancing and I clicked on that picture so hopeful... and there he was in the back! SIR THOMAS SMITH WHIPPIN OUT MY FAVORITE DANCE MOVE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how much I miss that!!!! hehehe I busted up in laughter just so happy to see Tommy's classic move. love it. I love him. 

JOSE GOT BAPTIZED WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT WHAT. So happy such an incredible MIRACLE!!! It was so like last minute and it worked out just beautifully. Our ward is so wonderful and supportive :) Sorry this week I don't have hard core details about every day! I don't have a ton of time! But this week was mainly weeding and such :) We went to the temple and had specialized training that was awesome! We also had exchanges! :)

So this week we did a lot of finding! A little less teaching because we were contacting a lot and trying to find the prepared!! :) Exchanges were fun, I love hermana Carter :) She is darling! She goes home next transfer and goes to BYU so she will start school again the semester before me :) We found some new people! One woman named Vilma let us in and she is darling! We asked her if she knew of anyone who would like to hear a message and she said her neighbor downstairs! SOOO we went to her and she said to come back the next day! We had a beautiful lesson with her about the restoration and she shared a lot with us about her hard life! She really wants to know if this is true! If we have a living prophet! :) She is so sweet and her name is Laydi and she is from El Salvador!!! I don't know what it is but everyone we find and I am drawn to are from El Salvador! I love that country! Well the people from there. 

The temple was beautiful as usual and I want to go back. It's so tough because I keep getting early morning sessions and so I can't go and do baptisms for all my peeps that need to be baptized! The training was just incredible and we learned so much about being obedient and taking the lead in things. The president said some things that I really needed to hear in the interview :) He is just wonderful! :) He is really inspiring. 

Ok so the baptism! :) 

We didn't know if it was going to happen! Things had been a little bit iffy so we hadn't secured the day with the church! WELLLL JOSE PASSED HIS INTERVIEW AND HE WAS READY! So we had to figure everything out like...... 2 days before the baptism hahah luckily we have a wonderful, wonderful ward. And everyone is so dedicated!! It helps that like over half of them or even 3 quarters are converts to the church so they are so pumped and supportive!! Our miracle was really that we got a spot in the calender! We found out that the bishop from another ward had booked the whole Saturday until late at night and we could do the baptism and so the only time we could was Sunday after church so Jose would have to wait until like the next Sunday to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost! and that is noooooooooo bueno. So we just kept trying for earlier so we said Friday and they said that was booked too... and so then we were trying for Thursday and then they called us and by miracle we got Friday!! :) Jose was baptized and it was so beautiful. The talks were sweet and simple and 3 people shared their testimonies :) One of them being me... hehe and it was just really awesome! Hermana Buno and Kayliegh and I sang Lead Kindly Light and it was just I don't even know! The spirit was so strong :) Then afterwards the ward had prepared a whole meal!! Like almost a feast! for Jose! It was so awesome :) I asked him how he felt and he said he felt like the spirit touched him inside and he felt so good! The next day we came to visit him and he offered the most beautiful prayer thanking Heavenly Father for accepting him :) AHHHHH IT WAS SOOO SWEET!!! Sunday he was confirmed by Elvin Romero, Kayleigh's husband and he is officially a member!!! 

OH! ALSO!!! The Toro's like one of my favorite families on the planet who are from the Canyon Lakes ward, Laura's brother and two nieces showed up at our ward this Sunday as a surprise to say hi to me!! That was so sweet! I love them! :) 


I love my mission. It is so wonderful. I know the Lord loves us because He gives us the privilege to help one another and grow from it!! Everyday I grow more and more :) And it is so rewarding to see God's children grow as you help them understand the principles of the gospel!!! Not just by teaching but by being an example! :) Reach out to everyone!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!!! <33333

Beautiful trees outside temple.

Hermana Buno y yo.

Surprise visit! Nick, Iley and Inessa!


We all signed this banner like Moroni.

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